Man spending cash

Spending key source of arguments between couples, finds survey.

Money remains a source of tension in many households with 38 per cent of people admitting to falling out with their partner over their spending habits, according to a survey by reward site Quidco.

Savings | 01 Sep 2014
Money From the Tap

Savers plough £5bn into New ISAs in July

Almost £5bn flew into ISAs in the space of only a month as savers rushed to take advantage of new rules allowing them to save up to £15,000 tax free.

ISAs | 29 Aug 2014
Man spending cash

Some households 'on financial cliff edge'

Citizens Advice today warns that competing bills mean that half of households will have to cut spending this year.

Savings | 28 Aug 2014

Six steps to choosing the right financial adviser

After recent Citizen's Advice research revealed that many of us are turning to the internet for financial advice, we look at how you might go about picking a financial adviser.

Investments | 28 Aug 2014

Financial or legal advice? We'd rather consult Kylie than Jordan.

People turn to internet search engines for advice rather than their family, according to Citizens Advice. Last year over a third of the UK online population went to the charity's advice website for help with 78 per cent (12.4 million people) coming from internet searches.

Investments | 28 Aug 2014
The entrance to John Lewis in Oxford Street

A mortgage with your soft furnishing? John Lewis Bank would be welcome say Brits.

As trust in challenger banks grows, a full three quarters of Brits say they would be comfortable banking with John Lewis if given the option.

Savings | 27 Aug 2014
Bing in the Classroom

Parents may need to consider alternatives as private education costs soar

Parents hoping to educate their children privately need to plan early, with the cost of two children at private day school now running at £526,000, says Andy James, Head of Retirement Planning at Towry.

Savings | 27 Aug 2014

Brits spend £800 on single-use products

The average Brit wastes £800 per year on items they use only once despite their potential to be used again, according to new research.

Savings | 26 Aug 2014
group of friends

Students beware: The biggest term-time money wasters

There are lots of ways your cash can quickly disappear once term has started.

Savings | 26 Aug 2014
Children With Tablet

Pocket money goes digital for today’s kids

Today’s eight to 15 year olds admit to spending almost all of their pocket money on downloads and computer games, research from Halifax has found.

Savings | 25 Aug 2014

Can you repeat that? Foggiest financial terms revealed

Not sure what ISA stands for? You’re in good company – just half of Brits even know what one is. See what other terms evade understanding.

Investments | 23 Aug 2014

Co-op posts £76m loss as MMR affects mortgage sales

The Co-operative Bank has registered a pre-tax loss of £75.8m for the first six months of the year, its interim results have shown.

Mortgages | 22 Aug 2014

Brits hoard a billion in penny jars

Brits have amassed £1.3bn worth of loose change as millions of savers choose penny jars over banks and building societies.

Current Accounts | 21 Aug 2014

How to keep university debt down

These handy tips will help to minimise the amount you or your loved ones spend at university.

Credit Cards & Loans | 21 Aug 2014
Commuters at London Liverpool Street station

How to beat rail fare rises

Rail fares are set to go up yet again following July's Retail Price Index (RPI) figures. Learn how to beat the price hikes here.

Savings | 19 Aug 2014

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