Barclays sets aside £500m for forex probe as Q3 profits jump

Barclays has reported a 15 per cent rise in Q3 profit but also set aside £500m for potential fines relating to manipulation of foreign exchange markets.

Investments | 30 Oct 2014
legal and general

Interest rates are not tied to economic growth – L&G

The UK is likely to remain in a low interest rate environment independent of the UK economy and Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as the two are independent, Legal & General has said.

Investments | 30 Oct 2014
The Bank of England

No rate rises next year: Managers turn dovish as data disappoints

Leading fund managers have become more cautious about their expectations for interest rate hikes, with many now expecting any movement in base rates to be postponed until at least 2016.

Investments | 28 Oct 2014

BLOG: Personal Finance Education counts more than ever for children

With so many people in the country experiencing major debt issues and leading individuals feeling that finance education can be part of the solution, the inclusion of the subject on the national curriculum is more justified now than ever.

Savings | 28 Oct 2014

Ten greatest financial fears

As Halloween looms, a survey by Ocean Finance has showed people’s greatest financial fears, with fraud at the top of the list.

ISAs | 22 Oct 2014

Peer to peer lending in Isas: The Expert View

Last week the Government launched its consultation into how peer to peer (P2P) loans could be incorporated into Isas.Experts give their views on the new initiative

Investments | 21 Oct 2014

FOMAD: the key to impulse buying

A new phenomenon ‘Fear of missing a deal' ("FOMAD") is driving impulse buying online and in stores, with the average Brit buying 11 things a month because they are on sale, according to new research by Quidco.

Savings | 21 Oct 2014

Capita predicts 'year of no dividend growth' as payouts stall

Dividends paid out by UK companies this year are expected to undershoot previous estimates as the impact of the strong pound hammers payouts, Capita’s latest Dividend Monitor has warned.

Investments | 20 Oct 2014
Man spending cash

Consumer confidence dips for second time in 2014

Consumer confidence has dropped for the second time in 2014, according to the Lloyds Bank Spending Power Report for September, though sentiment remains fairly positive.

Savings | 20 Oct 2014
A hammer about to smash a piggy bank

2014 savings rise comes to an end

The steady increase in the amount Brits are saving seen through the first half of 2014 has come to a halt, with the average adult now putting away just 7.63 per cent of their monthly income.

Savings | 18 Oct 2014
A Barclays bank

1.2m switch current accounts in 12 months

More than 1m Brits took advantage of the Current Account Switch Service in its first year, according to the payments council, with provider swaps increasing by 22 per cent. See the winners and losers here.

Savings | 15 Oct 2014

Funding life goals can top £1m

The average cost of funding typical life goals including getting married, buying a home, having children and retirement is £877,000, finds the Lloyds Bank Family Savings report.

Savings | 15 Oct 2014

UK inflation tumbles to lowest level in five years

UK CPI inflation has fallen to its lowest level in five years, undershooting estimates as the impact of falling petrol prices dragged the headline level down to almost 1 per cent.

Investments | 14 Oct 2014
Laptop crime scene illustration

Identity thefts account for half of detected fraud

Third party fraud – more commonly known as identity theft – now accounts for 47 per cent of all fraud cases prevented and detected.

Savings | 13 Oct 2014
christmas lights

How Brits foot their festive bills

With just 75 days to go until Christmas, new research reveals how Brits are financing the festive season.

Savings | 13 Oct 2014

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