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Barclays to be hit with £38m FCA fine

Barclays is expected to be hit with a £38m fine this week for failing to adequately protect clients' funds, according to a report on Sky News.

Investments | 23 Sep 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Childcare costs... in numbers

A quarter of UK parents spend at least 30 per cent of their income on childcare, according to new research.

Savings | 08 Sep 2014

A third of Brits admit to payday spending frenzies

One in three Brits admits to living it up in the first days after payday, spending an average of £240 in just 24 hours.

Savings Accounts | 05 Sep 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Wedding costs... in numbers

As wedding season winds down, we look at how Brits count the cost of hosting - and attending - a big day.

Savings | 02 Sep 2014

How to cope with an unexpected redundancy

Whether it's you or your partner who has lost their job, redundancy can take a toll on your emotional and financial health. Here’s how to take control.

Savings | 02 Sep 2014
The entrance to John Lewis in Oxford Street

A mortgage with your soft furnishing? John Lewis Bank would be welcome say Brits.

As trust in challenger banks grows, a full three quarters of Brits say they would be comfortable banking with John Lewis if given the option.

Savings | 27 Aug 2014
group of friends

Students beware: The biggest term-time money wasters

There are lots of ways your cash can quickly disappear once term has started.

Savings | 26 Aug 2014

Brits hoard a billion in penny jars

Brits have amassed £1.3bn worth of loose change as millions of savers choose penny jars over banks and building societies.

Current Accounts | 21 Aug 2014
Co-op shopping basket full of items

UK CPI inflation falls to 1.6% in year to July

UK consumer price inflation assumed its downwards trajectory once more in July following a sharp spike the previous month.

Investments | 19 Aug 2014
The Bank of England

Bank ‘won’t be pushed into raising interest sharply’ – David Miles

The Bank of England won’t be pressured into hiking the Base Rate quickly because inflation is likely to remain relatively low, according to economist David Miles.

Savings | 14 Aug 2014

Six apps that make saving easier

It is always good to have a few tools which can help you save some money.

Savings | 14 Aug 2014

Secret email shows Lloyds still pressures staff over sales despite £28m fine for mis-selling

Lloyds is continuing to pressurise staff to mis-sell credit cards, loans and insurance, a leaked email has revealed - just months after the bank was fined £28m for promoting a ruthless sales culture.

Current Accounts | 11 Aug 2014

Co-operative Group confirms wholesale governance restructure

The Co-operative Group has released details of its new governance structure following a review by ex-City minister Lord Myners.

Sharedealing | 08 Aug 2014

New Ffrees campaign to get Britain saving

Everyone knows they should be saving, but around half of the UK population doesn't do it. A new Ffrees campaign urges people to set aside just £1 per day.

Savings | 04 Aug 2014

Will a 'Banker's Oath' change the industry?

Think tank ResPublica has called for bankers to commit to clear ethical standards in the form of a ‘Banker’s Oath’. Your Money asked the experts if it will go far enough.

Savings | 30 Jul 2014

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