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Product launches of the week

Deals abound with just a week to go until Christmas.

Investments | 19 Dec 2014
Christmas keyboard

Last call for Christmas deliveries

Get these dates in your diary to ensure that your stockings are stuffed this Christmas.

Credit Cards & Loans | 11 Dec 2014
Insulating a roof

'Saving raiders' encouraged by low interest rates

Poor rates of return on savings and investments are partly to blame for more than £4.3 billion of unplanned withdrawals, finds new research from Prudential.

Savings | 10 Dec 2014
Cat on skateboard

Pampered pets get £47m worth of gifts this Christmas

Antlers for cats, knitted jumpers for dogs, and a reindeer bed for a hamster are on the wishlists for the nation's pampered pets this Christmas.

Credit Cards & Loans | 09 Dec 2014

Saving money over the party season

December is the most wonderful time of the year – and also the most expensive. Here are some tips for getting into the party spirit without overspending.

Savings | 09 Dec 2014
The Bank of England

Interest rate rises threaten a third of mortgaged households

A 2 per cent rise in interest rates would see around a third of mortgagors need to take action to work more, spend less or renegotiate their mortgage payments, according to a survey by NMG Consulting for the Bank of England.

Savings | 08 Dec 2014

How to avoid fakes

With the Trading Standard Institute warning consumers to keep their eye out for scammers this Christmas, we tell you how to spot a fake online.

Savings | 08 Dec 2014

BLOG: The importance of financial education

Our society is rapidly evolving, both economically and demographically; a consequence is that individuals are increasingly responsible for their own financial wellbeing. What is the problem?

Investments | 05 Dec 2014

Watch out for scammers this Christmas, says TSI

Scammers are keen to take their share of the £22bn Christmas spending pot and consumers in search of a good deal need to take care, says the Trading Standard Institute (TSI).

Savings | 04 Dec 2014
Harvest House New Forest Lymington

Average UK household teetering on breadline

The average family is just two weeks from the breadline according to Legal & General's latest Deadline to the Breadline report.

Savings | 04 Dec 2014

The Autumn Statement at a glance

The Autumn statement - who is it good for?

Savings | 03 Dec 2014
Picture of a model house on a chalk board covers in dollar signs

Households increasingly positive on the economy

Confidence in the economy is growing increasingly positive across all household types, according to the latest Lloyds Bank Family Finances report.

Savings | 03 Dec 2014

Average household spends less than in 2006, says ONS

Spending on housing, fuel and power reached its highest level on record in 2013, but overall household spending has fallen since 2006.

Savings | 02 Dec 2014

Financial planning week: What you should be thinking about

Whether you're in your 20's or your 50's, Fidelity's Maike Currie can help you get your priorities straight as Financial Planning Week draws to a close.

Investments | 28 Nov 2014

...and they're off! Shoppers count down to Black Friday

The Thanksgiving trading window opens across the pond today, but UK shoppers appear to be increasingly adopting US spending patterns as retailers entice them in with discounts.

Credit Cards & Loans | 28 Nov 2014

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