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Children With Tablet

Pocket money goes digital for today’s kids

Today’s eight to 15 year olds admit to spending almost all of their pocket money on downloads and computer games, research from Halifax has found.

Savings | 25 Aug 2014

How to keep university debt down

These handy tips will help to minimise the amount you or your loved ones spend at university.

Credit Cards & Loans | 21 Aug 2014

FOS issues warning over payday loan broker scams

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has received over 10,000 complaints since the start of the year about payday loan brokers taking money from consumers' accounts without providing a loan.

Credit Cards & Loans | 19 Aug 2014

Product launches of the week

NatWest, Leeds Building Society and Virgin Money have all refreshed their mortgage offerings this week.

Mortgages | 15 Aug 2014

A fifth of Brits admit to shopping when drunk

Research by found that 24 per cent of Brits get out the credit cards when they've been drinking, bringing home everything from a pie maker to a folding ladder after boozy shopping sprees.

Credit Cards & Loans | 15 Aug 2014

Student debt up 14%

The average estimated student debt has increased 14 per cent from last year and now stands at more than £19,000.

Savings | 14 Aug 2014

The ultimate student money guide

Little tricks here and there could save students hundreds of pounds. We reveal some of the best.

Savings | 12 Aug 2014

Recession drives students to vocational courses

Three quarters of students who have applied to start university this year plan to study a vocational subject like nursing or engineering, according to research from HSBC.

Savings | 11 Aug 2014

Product launches of the week

A 'Stamp Duty Buster' mortgage from Virgin Money is just one of the new financial products on the market this week.

ISAs | 08 Aug 2014

Financial responsibility attractive to men and women alike

New research has found that being good with money was more important than appearance, background and education to women looking for a romantic partner.

Savings | 07 Aug 2014
Personal debt levels rising among accountants

Interest rate rises could leave borrowers facing bankruptcy

Even a small interest rate rise could put the record number of people choosing to deal with debt via individual voluntary arrangements back in danger, accountants warn.

Debt Advice | 29 Jul 2014

Product launches of the week

ASDA Money's new 'pay for what you need' home insurance policy is just one of many new financial products on offer this week.

Credit Cards & Loans | 25 Jul 2014

'Risk of debt peril' when interest rates rise

A "relatively benign" rise in interest rates still has the potential to double the number of households facing debt problems, a think tank has said.

Credit Cards & Loans | 24 Jul 2014

Five money chats you must have with your partner

A beach at sunset, you and your partner gazing lovingly into each others' eyes over a glass of Asti Spumante and a plate of Tiramisu. What better time to talk about money?

Life Insurance | 23 Jul 2014

Product launches of the week

Intelligent Pensions introduces two tools to help you plan for retirement; Post Office launches a pre-paid money card; Accord Mortgages prepares for 10 day rate sale.

Credit Cards & Loans | 18 Jul 2014

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