Medical Insurance


Product Analysis: Health insurance from Exeter Family Friendly

This week, we look at the new 'Healthcare Essentials for Me' offering from Exeter Family Friendly.

Medical Insurance | 09 Dec 2014
The cruise ship MS Azura

AllClear launches new cruise insurance website

Specialist medical travel insurance provider AllClear has launched the first website to enable travellers with pre-existing medical conditions who are planning a cruise to compare insurance providers, find a quote, and purchase cover online in a single visit.

Insurance | 20 Nov 2014

Bells and whistles: a guide to protection add-ons

Find out what additional benefits you could get with your protection policy.

Medical Insurance | 21 Aug 2013

Personal insurance: what you need and when you need it

Buying a house, having a child or retiring? Make sure you have the right cover.

Life Insurance | 15 May 2013

BLOG: Pregnancy cover doesn't come cheap...

As Mother's Day approaches, Sam Brown of The Health Insurance Group explains why mums-to-be should think about health insurance.

Insurance | 20 Feb 2013

35-44 year-olds feel least financially secure

Britain’s “squeezed middle ages” need a 32% hike in income if they are to feel financially secure.

Insurance | 24 Oct 2012

Loans for the elderly: Govt to outline residential care plans

The government is to announce details of a deferred payment scheme for residential care for the elderly, which will allow councils to lend individuals money to pay for care, then recoup the money when their house is sold after their death.

Insurance | 11 Jul 2012

Cost preventing Brits from visiting the dentist

More than a fifth of the nation claim they cannot afford trips to the dentist.

Insurance | 01 Jun 2012

15 million Brits are taking a risk with no protection cover

UK adults are putting their financial health at risk by failing to insure vital areas such as life insurance, income protection, critical illness and mortgage payment protection

Insurance | 01 Jun 2012

Could you reclaim PPI premiums?

Payment protection insurance policies get widely mis-sold, but there are ways to claim your money back.

Insurance | 01 Jun 2012

Insurance tips

Insurance | 01 Jun 2012

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