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BLOG: Scaling up: Are funds becoming too large?

As the big continue to get bigger, industry commentators address the issue of whether the rise of super-sized funds is healthy or a hindrance for investors.

Investments | 22 Oct 2014
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BLOG: How goals can help you get the most from your investments

We've all got goals in life and achieving them can be an expensive business.

Investments | 20 Oct 2014

Product launches of the week

A number of mortgage providers have refreshed their ranges this week.

Mortgages | 17 Oct 2014

How to spot a good fund manager

Not all fund managers are created equal. Here's how to pick a winner.

Investments | 17 Oct 2014
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Know your charges: The costs of investing

Every form of saving costs money. In a bank account, you don't see the costs because they are wrapped up in the interest rate, but for investments the charges are more explicit and more variable.

Investments | 17 Oct 2014

BLOG: What to do when a star manager exits

Richard Pease’s departure from Henderson will prompt many investors to think carefully about their holdings. Nick Peters, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Solutions, argues that knee-jerk reactions following fund manager departures can be a mistake, and that the decision about whether to stay invested is complex.

Investments | 16 Oct 2014

Fund selectors: Pease's departure is no cause to panic

Investors should not panic following the departure of Richard Pease from Henderson, say fund selectors.

Investments | 15 Oct 2014

FCA launches national campaign to tackle investment fraud

The financial regulator has launched a national campaign focused on investment fraud and how to spot potential scams.

Investments | 15 Oct 2014

Fund of the Fortnight: AXA Global High Income

Every fortnight our research experts highlight a fund from their top-rated list. The latest: AXA Global High Income.

Investments | 10 Oct 2014

Gross criticises large firms in first investor address from Janus

Bill Gross has said that having too many decision makers can cause problems in the world of fund management, following his sudden departure from PIMCO.

Investments | 10 Oct 2014

Replacing Gross: Four alternative funds to PIMCO Total Return

Last week Bill Gross quit PIMCO - the firm he founded - to join Janus Capital in a move which had ramifications for many investors. Now as outflows on his PIMCO Total Return fund mount, where should investors turn?

Investments | 02 Oct 2014

India funds reap Modi rewards

Indian funds have been the runaway winners of 2014 to date, according to Hargreaves Lansdown, with six of the 10 best performing funds investing in the region.

Investments | 01 Oct 2014
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Accountant jailed for £2.3m 'Ponzi' scheme

An accountant has been sentenced to six years in prison after he was found guilty of running a £2.3m ‘Ponzi' scheme.

Investments | 30 Sep 2014
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IMA sales fall to lowest level since last January

The latest retail sales figures published by the Investment Management Association (IMA) have revealed a fall in inflows to a level last seen in January 2013.

Investments | 30 Sep 2014

Woodford: Fund managers have overcharged customers

Neil Woodford has criticised his own industry for charging customers too much and paying managers too high a price for tracker-style performance, in an interview with the BBC.

Investments | 26 Sep 2014

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