BLOG: What will it take to end Russia's currency crisis?

Alexander Moseley, senior portfolio manager, Emerging Market Debt Relative at Schroders, weighs in.

Investments | 17 Dec 2014

Yen slumps to seven-year low on Abe's snap poll

The Japanese yen has plunged to a seven-year low against the dollar in the wake of prime minister Shinzo Abe's announcement of a snap December poll.

Investments | 19 Nov 2014

Could sterling fall another 20% as current account deficit widens?

Sterling could fall much further against the US dollar if the UK's current account deficit is not addressed, bond managers have said.

Investments | 16 Oct 2014

Sterling falls below $1.60 as jobs data brings US rate hike nearer

The pound dropped to its lowest rate against the dollar in almost a year this afternoon after the US unemployment rate fell below 6 per cent, triggering a further rally for the dollar.

Investments | 03 Oct 2014

The UK equity funds for a weaker pound

Renewed dollar strength has led forecasters to predict a tougher time for sterling in the coming months, despite a small relief rally last week as Scotland opted against independence. Which funds could benefit?

Investments | 24 Sep 2014
A hand putting a voting slip into a box adorned with the Scottish flag denoting the Scottish independence referendum

Sterling surges as Scotland votes 'no'

The pound reached a two-year high against the euro overnight while yields on gilts and treasuries rose, as Scottish voters rejected independence from the UK and investors swapped safe havens for equities.

Investments | 19 Sep 2014

Sterling falls further as investors take flight on independence fears

Sterling sold off further overnight, exacerbating Monday's losses, as nervous investors ditched the pound and UK shares on fears Scotland may vote to break apart next week.

FX | 09 Sep 2014

The impact of currency movements on your investments

The surprising but dramatic recovery in the UK economy has pushed the pound up to new highs against the Dollar and Euro.

Portfolio Management | 15 Aug 2014

How investors can prepare for interest rate rises

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has hinted that the base rate could rise before the end of the year.

Investments | 13 Jun 2014

Sterling hits two-and-a-half year high versus dollar

The sharp drop in the UK unemployment rate and mounting expectations of a 2014 rate hike pushed sterling to a two-year high versus the US dollar in morning trading.

Investments | 23 Jan 2014

BLOG: Why 0% commission isn't all it seems

It pays to do a little exchange rate homework before you travel, writes Daniel Abrahams.

FX | 13 Dec 2013
The Bank of England

Pound slumps as inflation drops to lowest level in four years

UK CPI inflation dropped to 2.2% in October, a larger-than-expected fall that sent sterling to a two-month low against the dollar.

Investments | 12 Nov 2013

Back to basics: how currency fluctuations affect funds

Currency fluctuations are often overlooked by investors, but as Rob Morgan explains, they can sometimes lead to lower returns.

FX | 24 Oct 2013

London open: Syria, taper uncertainty weigh on stocks

Markets opened broadly lower on Monday morning as improving data from Asia was offset by continuing concerns over tensions in Syria.

Investments | 09 Sep 2013

What should I do with my emerging market investments?

It has been a tough time for emerging market investors but panic selling may not be the best move.

Investments | 02 Sep 2013

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