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How to pick a P2P provider

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market is burgeoning, but not every provider is right for every investor. Learn how to pick the best provider for you here.

Investments | 19 Dec 2014

Psigma's key themes and top funds for 2015

Wealth manager Psigma gives its key themes and top funds for 2015.

Investments | 19 Dec 2014
Hand picking an apple

Share Centre's most popular funds for November

The Share Centre has released details of the most popular funds on its platform for November 2014.

Investments | 18 Dec 2014

Neptune's Geffen zero-weights UK on election concerns

Neptune’s CEO Robin Geffen is refraining from holding any UK equities within his global portfolios due to risks surrounding the upcoming general election.

Investments | 16 Dec 2014
US regulations

SEC unveils plans to stress test US asset managers

Asset managers in the US may face bank-style stress tests and a ban on the use of derivatives in retail funds in the latest initiative proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Investments | 12 Dec 2014

Share Centre share of the week: Booker

Helal Miah, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, picks Booker Group as share of the week.

Investments | 08 Dec 2014

BLOG: Choosing an adviser is not a tick-box exercise

Personality matching and trust are as much a part of choosing the right financial adviser for you as experience and qualifications, says Richard Watkins.

Investments | 28 Nov 2014

BLOG: Successful investment strategies should be boring

Investing is rarely seen as exciting and glamorous, and perhaps that's how it should be.

Investments | 26 Nov 2014
Stock market

Time to worry about the UK stock market?

The UK stock market is still riding high, but fund managers are increasingly warning of a ‘Black Monday’ style crash.

Investments | 25 Nov 2014

The Five Days of Financial Planning

As Financial Planning Week kicks off Adrian Lowcock, head of investing at AXA Wealth, has a five-day gameplan to get your personal finances back on track in time for Christmas.

Investments | 24 Nov 2014
US President Barack Obama

GMO's Grantham: Presidential cycle 'sweet spot' points to US bubble

Investors seeking to tap into the so-called 'presidential cycle' should be more cautious than usual, veteran investor Jeremy Grantham has warned.

Investments | 18 Nov 2014

Super six: The latest portfolios to join FundCalibre's Elite Rating list

Ratings agency FundCalibre has added six funds to its Elite Rating list after its inaugural investment committee meeting earlier this month.

Portfolio Management | 10 Nov 2014

Stock tips from top fund manager: IP Group

James Henderson, manager of the Lowland Investment Company and Henderson Opportunities Trust, selects IP Group.

Investments | 05 Nov 2014
Photo of people covering their faces with cards picturing question marks

BLOG: 5 things you didn't know about investment trusts

An Investment Trust is a collective investment vehicle, meaning people's money is pooled together and invested by a professional fund manager into a basket of assets, such as shares, bonds or property.

Investments | 04 Nov 2014

Q+A: Investing in vintage jewellery

Olly Gerrish of the Antique Jewellery Company answers every question you might have about investing in vintage jewellery.

Investments | 31 Oct 2014

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