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Analysts back bargain smaller companies trusts after sell-off

Investment trust experts have slapped buy ratings on a number of smaller companies trusts, as recent selling opens up significant opportunities in the sector.

Portfolio Management | 22 Jul 2014
Sad Dog

Spotting a dog: How to tell if you're in a bad fund

A study has revealed that UK investors have ploughed nearly £19.5bn into underperforming funds.

Portfolio Management | 21 Jul 2014
A hand extended holding a bag of pounds - illustration

Bite-sized investment wisdom: Five reasons to invest

Having gone to the trouble of building a nest egg, the last thing many savers want to do is take any risks with that money. However, there are compelling reasons to pull that money out of a bank account and put it into stock and bond markets. Here are just five…

Portfolio Management | 21 Jul 2014

Dividend growth hits three-year low in Q2 as large caps falter

Dividend growth fell to its lowest level in over three years in Q2 as large caps struggled to maintain dividends in the face of strong sterling and a slowing global economy.

Portfolio Management | 21 Jul 2014

How to counter the impact of inflation on your long-term wealth

Inflation once again reared its head in June, with CPI inflation rising to 1.9% from 1.5% in May. The threat of high inflation once again begs the question of how to protect the purchasing power of savings over time.

Portfolio Management | 16 Jul 2014
Scotland and UK flags

Banking collapse drags down 'Scotsie 100'

Investors buying Scottish shares 60 years ago will have seen only half the returns enjoyed by those owning the rest of the UK's listed companies, according to a mocked-up 'Scotsie 100' index.

Markets | 15 Jul 2014

Stock market investment - 10 tips to get you started

Stock market investment can seem daunting to the uninitiated, but it is a good way to boost your savings over the long-term. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

Portfolio Management | 14 Jul 2014

Ten habits of successful investors

There's no single secret to successful investing, but there are 10 habits every good investor should have.

Sharedealing | 09 Jul 2014

World cup winners for your portfolio

The World Cup has created a stand-off between Europe and South America as Argentina faces Germany in the final this weekend, says Tom Stevenson of Fidelity.

Portfolio Management | 08 Jul 2014

Hunting for alpha: Four premium priced funds worth paying for

Fund managers have been feeling the squeeze on pricing this year, with distributors including Hargreaves Lansdown forcing down headline prices on funds as businesses adapt to the new world.

Portfolio Management | 07 Jul 2014

IpsoFacto launches new website for private investors

IpsoFacto investor has launched a new asset allocation and model portfolio advice and research service for DIY investors.

Portfolio Management | 07 Jul 2014
Rolls Royce

Spot the difference: Woodford reveals top ten holdings

Neil Woodford’s top ten holdings in his Woodford Equity Income fund contain few surprises, with AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and British American Tobacco the three largest positions.

Portfolio Management | 07 Jul 2014
structured products

Three core investment trust picks for a NISA portfolio

Following the introduction of the NISA on 1st July, Morningstar's closed-end fund analyst Szymon Idzikowski considers three highly rated investment trusts available to UK investors.

ISAs | 02 Jul 2014
Money tap

BLOG: High cash weightings give scope for further stock market gains

According to the US financial services group State Street, individuals with investable assets have raised their cash allocations significantly over the past two years. In the UK, State Street found that cash allocations had risen to a surprisingly high 43% in May.

Markets | 01 Jul 2014

BLOG: Fund managers on how Obamacare has affected the healthcare sector

On 1 January this year, Obamacare came into effect and, with it, the potential to bring more than 20 million more people into the US healthcare system.

Portfolio Management | 30 Jun 2014

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