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GMO's Grantham: Presidential cycle 'sweet spot' points to US bubble

Investors seeking to tap into the so-called 'presidential cycle' should be more cautious than usual, veteran investor Jeremy Grantham has warned.

Investments | 18 Nov 2014

Super six: The latest portfolios to join FundCalibre's Elite Rating list

Ratings agency FundCalibre has added six funds to its Elite Rating list after its inaugural investment committee meeting earlier this month.

Portfolio Management | 10 Nov 2014

Stock tips from top fund manager: IP Group

James Henderson, manager of the Lowland Investment Company and Henderson Opportunities Trust, selects IP Group.

Investments | 05 Nov 2014
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BLOG: 5 things you didn't know about investment trusts

An Investment Trust is a collective investment vehicle, meaning people's money is pooled together and invested by a professional fund manager into a basket of assets, such as shares, bonds or property.

Investments | 04 Nov 2014

Q+A: Investing in vintage jewellery

Olly Gerrish of the Antique Jewellery Company answers every question you might have about investing in vintage jewellery.

Investments | 31 Oct 2014

Tilney Bestinvest ranks top 100 equity fund managers

Giles Hargreave has been ranked number one in a report by Tilney Bestinvest to select the top 100 equity fund managers in the UK.

Investments | 27 Oct 2014
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How to invest in whisky

If you buy carefully and can manage to keep your collection away from thirsty guests, whisky can be an interesting alternative investment option.

Investments | 24 Oct 2014

BLOG: The top five mistakes that investors make

In today's uncertain economic climate, investing wisely has never been more important.

Investments | 20 Oct 2014

BLOG: What to remember when investing in growing businesses

Paul Moravek, co-founder of VentureFounders, shares his top 5 tips for investing in growth opportunities.

Investments | 14 Oct 2014

Equilibrium plans AIM portfolio to reduce IHT costs

Equilibrium Asset Management is to launch its own AIM portfolios to help clients mitigate the cost of inheritance tax.

Investments | 07 Oct 2014

UK's worst performing funds revealed

Investors are holding around £47bn in underperforming funds, according to Chelsea Financial Services, up £10 in just six months.

Investments | 06 Oct 2014

BLOG: Five P2P myths busted

Stuart Law of Assetz Capital takes down five common myths about peer-to-peer lending.

Investments | 03 Oct 2014

The perils of emotional financial planning

Planning your financial future with your heart rather than your head can have a major impact on your long-term wealth.

Investments | 23 Sep 2014

BLOG: The downsides of DIY Investing

Chris Williams of Wealth Horizon explores some of the most common pitfalls of DIY investing.

Investments | 22 Sep 2014

FOS rules Chase de Vere wrong to put 65% of client's SIPP in UCIS

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has ruled national adviser Chase de Vere gave unsuitable advice when it recommended a client put most of his pension in high risk unregulated schemes just six years before he retired.

Investments | 04 Sep 2014

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