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BLOG: The downsides of DIY Investing

Chris Williams of Wealth Horizon explores some of the most common pitfalls of DIY investing.

Investments | 22 Sep 2014

FOS rules Chase de Vere wrong to put 65% of client's SIPP in UCIS

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has ruled national adviser Chase de Vere gave unsuitable advice when it recommended a client put most of his pension in high risk unregulated schemes just six years before he retired.

Investments | 04 Sep 2014

BLOG: Why investors should embrace market volatility

JP Morgan's Andy Goldberg on why a little volatility is a good thing.

Investments | 27 Aug 2014

How to invest in rare stamps

Quality is king in this asset class, where an alternative investment option can also become a life-long passion.

Portfolio Management | 25 Aug 2014

Skandia's Woodford switch to cost investors over £6m

Skandia's decision to switch pension clients out of its Invesco Perpetual Income mandates and into Neil Woodford's new CF Woodford Equity Income fund is expected to cost investors over £6m in trading costs.

Investments | 22 Aug 2014

Skandia dumps Invesco for Woodford on £640m mandate

Skandia has handed a £640m life mandate currently run by Invesco Perpetual's Mark Barnett to Neil Woodford, in a move Hargreaves Lansdown analysts suggest may be the first of many.

Investments | 22 Aug 2014

BLOG: What does the Scottish referendum mean for investors?

With the Scottish independence referendum fast approaching, the media is abuzz with questions around what this will mean for UK businesses, for Europe and for the integrity of the United Kingdom.

Investments | 20 Aug 2014
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Global dividends leap to record $427bn

Global dividends jumped 11.7 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2014, according to Henderson’s global dividend index.

Investments | 18 Aug 2014

The impact of currency movements on your investments

The surprising but dramatic recovery in the UK economy has pushed the pound up to new highs against the Dollar and Euro.

Portfolio Management | 15 Aug 2014

BLOG: Diversification - Selecting the right mix of assets

Simply holding a range of different assets does not necessarily ensure a diversified portfolio, argues AXA's Richard Marwood.

Investments | 13 Aug 2014

Can you invest like Warren Buffett?

Maike Currie of Fidelity Personal Investing wonders whether DIY investors can really become akin to the Sage of Omaha.

Investments | 11 Aug 2014

Results round-up: Companies to watch this week

G4S is just one of the many companies set to update the markets this week.

Investments | 11 Aug 2014

BLOG: Darius McDermott canvasses opinion on European markets

Darius McDermott of Chelsea Financial Services considers the outlook for European markets.

Portfolio Management | 30 Jul 2014
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The roadmap for fixed income

Fixed income investors are wondering how to read the signals in today’s markets to know the next turn in the road.

Investments | 25 Jul 2014

Fidelity China Special Situations: Winterfloods questions higher risk approach

Analyst Winterfloods gives its view on the popular Fidelity China Special Situations fund.

Portfolio Management | 24 Jul 2014

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