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Second-steppers need to find £58,000 to plug financial holes

Home owners need to find £58,000, up £15,000 year-on-year, to plug the gap between their current home’s value and the cost of their ideal second property.

Mortgages | 17 Oct 2014

UK average house worth just over £200,000

The average price of a property in the UK has stabilised at £203,135, according to the latest Haart Housing Market Monitor.

Mortgages | 16 Oct 2014

Top tips: How to apply for a joint mortgage

Andrew Boast, conveyancing director at Share a Mortgage, gives his top tips for getting a mortgage with your friend, family member or unmarried partner.

Mortgages | 16 Oct 2014
Full-time IT positions down by nearly 10 per cent at London boroughs since 2012

London house prices up almost 20% in a year

House prices in the UK are up 11.7 per cent in the year to August 2014 with London prices surging almost 20 per cent in the past year, according to the latest official figures.

Mortgages | 15 Oct 2014

How to choose an estate agent

According to recent research two thirds of home movers have had issues with their estate agent. How do you pick the right one?

Mortgages | 13 Oct 2014

Two thirds of movers had estate agent trouble

Nearly two thirds (60 per cent) of people who bought or sold a property in the last five years had an issue with their estate agent.

Mortgages | 10 Oct 2014

Is home ownership a reality for the next generation?

Recent research found that 49 per cent of non-homeowners think they'll never get a foot on the ladder. Is it harder than ever to buy a house?

Mortgages | 09 Oct 2014

Top tips: How to buy property abroad

Buying a property abroad is a big step that people may not not have taken before. Here are some important considerations.

Mortgages | 09 Oct 2014

How far would you go to get on the housing ladder?

More than one million Brits would consider leaving the UK if it meant they could afford to buy a home, new research has revealed. How far would you go?

Mortgages | 08 Oct 2014
Business secretary Vince Cable

Vince Cable criticises Help to Buy scheme

Business secretary Vince Cable has criticised the government’s Help to Buy scheme, saying the flagship policy has simply pushed up house prices.

Mortgages | 06 Oct 2014

How much would you pay to live near a top school?

According to a survey by Savills Brits can expect to pay a 30 per cent housing premium to live within walking distance of a top school. Take a look at this interactive map to see how much people in your area pay.

Mortgages | 02 Oct 2014

Housing market growth slows after 16 months of price rises

The housing market cooled in September halting 16 months of growth as prices fell by 0.2 per cent, figures from the Nationwide House Price Index revealed.

Mortgages | 30 Sep 2014

Government announces rent to buy scheme

A new government scheme called ‘rent to buy’ aims to help aspiring purchasers save a deposit while they rent.

Mortgages | 26 Sep 2014

Help to Buy equity loan borrowers pay a quarter less for homes

First-time buyers using the Help to Buy equity loan scheme are paying a quarter less for their new build home, as the average purchase price under the scheme fell for the third month in a row.

Mortgages | 25 Sep 2014
Head in sand

Half of homeowners don't know mortgage interest rate

Many mortgage holders are unaware of the current interest rate on their loan and how a rise in the Bank of England Base Rate would affect their monthly payment, a survey from the Principality revealed.

Mortgages | 24 Sep 2014

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