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How to get a mortgage if you’re self-employed

Millions of Brits are now working for themselves, but the freedom of being your own boss could be a roadblock when it comes to securing a mortgage.

Mortgages | 21 Aug 2014
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Southern mortgage borrowers fear interest rate rise the most

Southern homeowners are more worried about an incoming rate rise and its effect on mortgage payments than borrowers in the North East, Wales or Scotland, said a survey.

Mortgages | 20 Aug 2014

Bank of Scotland unfairly double billed customers says judge

Bank of Scotland has been unfairly double billing customers who fell behind on their mortgages, a High Court judge in Belfast has ruled.

Mortgages | 20 Aug 2014

Repossession figures spark fears over effects of rate rise

In the first half of the year 11,800 people had their homes repossessed in an environment of historically low interest rates, rising employment and increased bank forbearance.

Mortgages | 14 Aug 2014
The Bank of England

Bank ‘won’t be pushed into raising interest sharply’ – David Miles

The Bank of England won’t be pressured into hiking the Base Rate quickly because inflation is likely to remain relatively low, according to economist David Miles.

Savings | 14 Aug 2014
Personal debt levels rising among accountants

Interest rate rises could leave borrowers facing bankruptcy

Even a small interest rate rise could put the record number of people choosing to deal with debt via individual voluntary arrangements back in danger, accountants warn.

Debt Advice | 29 Jul 2014
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Breaking up is hard (and expensive) to do

Separating couples may find that their finances suffer along with their broken hearts, according to a new survey by the Debt Advisory Service.

Savings | 29 Jul 2014

Neither a borrower nor a lender be....

Debt - everyone seems to be struggling with it – from the government down. A note issued by peer-to-peer lender Zopa estimates that the average Briton has £4,500 of credit card debts, on which they are typically paying an interest rate of 17.9%*.

Pensions | 14 Jul 2014

BLOG: What could an interest rate rise mean for you?

The Bank of England has raised eyebrows by suggesting that the base rate could rise sooner than expected - but what would this mean for consumers?

Current Accounts | 04 Jul 2014

Product launches of the week

Several banks revise their mortgage offerings; Fidelity cuts index tracker prices; Aviva launches new customer app.

Investments | 30 May 2014

Financial Ombudsman reports record number of mortgage complaints

Homeowners lodged a record number of mortgage complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service last year.

Mortgages | 14 May 2014

Mortgage repossessions fall to lowest level since 2007

Mortgage repossessions fell to their lowest level since 2007 last year, according to data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

Mortgages | 13 Feb 2014

Banks should offer alternative to payday loans, says charity

High Street banks should offer personal micro-loans to stop people falling foul of unscrupulous payday lenders or turning to loan sharks for money, says Citizens Advice.

Current Accounts | 26 Apr 2013

Activity hots up among London homeowners

More and more existing domestic homeowners in ‘prime’ areas of the capital are moving home.

Mortgages | 31 Jan 2013

Only 13% plan to downsize property

Just 3.25m homeowners aim to move to cheaper property when they stop work, freeing up £186bn to help fund retirement.

Mortgages | 26 Nov 2012

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