BLOG: A toxic legacy

Perhaps the only surprise in the recent news that over a quarter of families fall out after the death of a loved one, is that the number is so few.

Wills | 13 Nov 2014

£1.2m battle over mother's legacy to toyboy lover highlights perils of will disputes

The recent High Court battle over a mother’s £1.2m legacy shows that will disputes are more common than people think, argues Emma Myers, Head of Wills, Probate and Lifetime Planning for Saga Legal Services.

Inheritance Tax | 14 Jul 2014

Estate planning tips for newlywed pensioners

Recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics show a significant increase in the number of marriages involving people over 65.

Wills | 26 Jun 2014

BLOG: Leaving a charitable legacy - avoid the confusion

Leaving money to a charity in a will has never been more popular.

Wills | 25 Jun 2014

How to fix your finances over the long weekend

Bored over the bank holiday? Here are some great ways to whip your finances into shape.

Investments | 02 May 2014

New laws for Sharia wills: what has changed?

Solicitors Tamasine Hankey and Nicola Plant from Pemberton Greenish LLP explain what the new guidelines on drawing up 'Sharia-compliant' wills mean in practice.

Wills | 31 Mar 2014

Pre-nuptial agreements: what's changed?

Pre-nups could soon become legal in England and Wales. Solicitor Charlotte Leckie explains all you need to know.

Savings | 14 Feb 2014

BLOG: Legacy donations can help reduce your inheritance tax burden

Leaving a legacy donations is an effective way to do good as well as reduce the inheritance tax burden on your family, writes solicitor Lauren Killilea.

Wills | 31 Jan 2014

Almost half of over-35s' wills 'inaccurate'

Almost half of people aged 35 and over who have written a will have failed to amend it following a change of heart or circumstance, a report has found.

Wills | 23 Jan 2014

Code of ethics for will writers unveiled

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) has unveiled a code of practice for will writing for its members.

Wills | 13 Jan 2014

Wouldn't Downton Abbey be dull if they had just made a will?

Squabbles over inheritance make great TV viewing but they are the last thing you would want your loved ones to deal with, writes lawyer Jeremey Curtis.

Tax | 04 Dec 2013

How to reduce your tax bill

Less tax should mean higher returns for you and your beneficiaries.

Tax | 25 Oct 2013

Quick checklist: making a will

Six top tips on getting your will air-tight and right the first time.

Wills | 22 Oct 2013

A grave issue: which will is right for you?

There a several different types of will available. It pays to make sure you have the one to suit your situation.

Wills | 30 Jul 2013

How to celebrate no longer working for the taxman...

To celebrate Tax Freedom Day, follow these essential steps and make sure your tax arrangements are in the best possible shape.

Tax | 30 May 2013

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