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With Brits living longer and the rules of retirement constantly changing, you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. Look here for all of the news and insight you need to plan your future, whether you’re retiring now or looking forward to freedom. If you're on the cusp of retirement check out our 'Retiring Now' section. Our 'Retirement Planning' section is a useful tool in the run-up to retirement.

Retirement planning

High earners should review pension tax relief - de Vere Group

Nigel Green, chief executive and founder of deVere Group, has urged Britain’s ...

Ten top tips to make the most of pension freedoms

From passing on your pension to loved ones, to making the most of tax relief, St...

One in seven will retire with no private pension

More than one in seven people due to retire this year have no private pension sa...

£550m to be paid in unnecessary inheritance tax this year

As much as £550m could be wasted in unnecessary inheritance tax payments this y...

A guide to the pension lifetime allowance changes

Changes to the lifetime allowance - the maximum pensions savings you can build u...

Pension freedoms: how consumers are responding

It is now six weeks since the pension freedoms came into force. Fidelity Worldwi...

Retiring now

Only 7% of Britons are ready for retirement

Just 7% of the UK population are saving enough money for the retirement they wan...

Pensions in divorce settlements

As the official unveiling of George Osborne’s long-trailed pension reforms nea...

A guide to paying taxes in retirement

Paying taxes in retirement can be complex – and while many retirees welcomed A...

The dangers of not leaving a will

Actor Rik Mayall’s family could face a major inheritance tax bill due to his f...

Everything you wanted to know about pension death benefits

Confused about the new rules on pension death benefits. Claire Trott of pensions...

Pensions…do we have lift-off?

Despite earlier reports that it was ‘all quiet on the pensions front’, the t...

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