The empty nester

The Empty NesterYou are an empty nester - but at the same time your grown-up kids use you as their bank (the bank of Mum and Dad). You may be paying university fees, or considering helping your offspring get their first mortgage. You are maximizing your pension contributions and may be looking to invest more cautiously than you used to. You know you should be inheritance tax planning and placing assets in trust. You are concerned about your own elderly parents, their long term care needs and their inheritance tax planning.

At this stage in your life, the following sections of may be of the greatest interest to you:

  • Investments: if you are considering more cautious investments, why not read our article The truth about bonds?
  • Pensions: pensions are highly tax efficient, so check out our Top Tips to make the most of yours
  • Inheritance tax: forward planning should be a priority for you - and possibly for your parents. Our pages on estate planning could point you in the right direction.
  • Mortgages: there are numerous ways parents can help their children get on the property ladder these days without necessarily handing over a large wedge of cash as a deposit. Our Guide to Buying Your First Home explains some of the options

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