The retiree

The RetireeYou are retired, and rely on your existing investments and your pension(s) to provide your income. You have the time to follow the fund performance of your investments more closely than before, and may take more of an active role in managing them and selecting funds than previously. You are interested in annuities. You may be thinking about downsizing to a smaller property and investing some capital. Or you might be considering equity release. You might also be looking to help out your children or grandchildren via a trust, updating your will and addressing inheritance tax planning carefully.

At this stage in your life, the following sections of may be of the greatest interest to you:

  • Investments: at this point, your primary concern when it comes to your investments is likely to be the income they can generate. Our article on  income equities could be of interest
  • Pensions: your pension is likely to represent a large slice of your retirement income, so you may well want to know the latest on annuities
  • Equity release: if you are thinking of downsizing and freeing up sdome of the equity in your property, why not read our Top tips for equity release before consulting an adviser
  • Estate planning: no-one likes to think about inheritance tax, but it is important that you keep abreast with changes in the legislation. Our estate planning pages might help

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