Fixed income


Product analysis: The Providence mini-bond

We analyse the Providence mini-bond, launched last week with a headline income of 8.25 per cent per year.

Investments | 17 Nov 2014

BlackRock says savers need to start sooner

Global asset management group BlackRock has launched a new ‘plan for income’, saying that the next generation will need to be less reliant on cash and the value held in their properties to plan their financies successfully.

Investments | 15 Oct 2014

How investors can prepare for interest rate rises

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has hinted that the base rate could rise before the end of the year.

Investments | 13 Jun 2014
Two pensioners

Average retirement income is below minimum wage

With an average pension income of just £8,774, new retirees can expect their income to drop by two thirds upon leaving the workplace, says LV=.

Pensions | 28 Mar 2014

Equity funds top best-seller list for tenth consecutive month

Equity funds topped the best-seller list for the tenth consecutive month in January, Investment Management Association (IMA) sales figures have revealed.

Portfolio Management | 04 Mar 2014

Is the bond fund exodus set to continue?

After a dismal 2013 for fixed income, will investors return to bond funds? We ask the experts for their views...

Investments | 05 Feb 2014

Where to invest: Asset allocation tips for 2014

We ask the experts what next year holds for key economies and sectors.

Investments | 24 Dec 2013

Inflation wipes £6bn off retirees’ annuity spending power

Thousands of people nearing retirement could find their combined spending power fall by £6.3bn over a 25-year retirement due to inflation.

Retirement | 24 Jun 2013

Investors return to stock market as risk appetite increases

Risk appetite among UK investors appears to be making a comeback as Brits continue to plough money into the stock market this ISA season.

Investments | 11 Mar 2013
Cash to splash

Where should you turn for income?

After four years of rock-bottom interest rates, the risks associated with traditional income assets have changed.

Investments | 04 Feb 2013

Are bond funds set for significant spike in outflows?

Investors’ ongoing fears over the state of the global economy will continue to support bond fund demand in the short term, overshadowing concerns from the regulator they could exit en masse, managers have said.

Markets | 07 Aug 2012
Pile of one pound coins

Gilt yields fall to new record low

The yield on UK gilts has fallen to a new record low during trading today, as demand for safe havens picks up once again following indecision from the Fed over expanding its stimulus programme.

Investments | 12 Jul 2012

Incomes rise, but debts increase and savings fall for over-55s

Despite rising incomes, Britons are still racking up huge personal debts and not saving enough, according to a new report from Aviva.

Retirement | 11 Jul 2012
Growing Investment

Global fixed income ETF market set to exceed $2tn in next decade

The fixed income exchange traded funds market is set to grow to more than $2tn in assets over the next decade, according to a new report by Blackrock's iShares.

Investments | 11 Jul 2012

Are ETFs an effective way to invest in fixed income?

As the commodities market takes the rap for an extremely uncertain time in the market - fears sparked off of the on-going Euro debt crisis and increasing worries over the global economic outlook, investors are keener than ever to seek out investments that generate stable and steady income streams.

Investments | 10 Jul 2012

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