Interest-only mortgages vs repayment mortgages

Should you go for the safe repayment-type model, or could you opt for an interest-only method of repayment?

Mortgages | 02 Apr 2013

First-time buyer basics

Getting a mortgage is difficult, but there are a few things first-time buys need to consider.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

Equity release basics

More and more older people are turning to equity release mortgages to enable them to free up some of the value in their properties. Here we detail the basics.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

Debt advice basics

As the nation's debt levels grow, we point to a few issues that may affect your credit rating.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

Self-employed mortgage basics

Getting a mortgage if your self-employed can be hard work, we point out some of the issues.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

Buy-to-let basics

Buy to let is just one form of investment vying for your attention as you try to make your money grow.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

Remortgage basics

We go through the different types of mortgages out there, and the considerations that should be made before getting them.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

Mortgage basics

The basics of all things mortgages.

Mortgage Basics | 06 Jun 2012

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