BLOG: The first pounds are the cheapest: the power of compounding

The Government's auto-enrolment scheme now covers all firms with at least 60 employees and has made significant inroads into getting younger savers into useful habits which will help their overall retirement fund.

Retirement | 30 Oct 2014

BLOG: Mortgage conundrum faced by the self-employed

There are now 4.6 million self-employed people living and working in the UK, this equates to 15 per cent of the UK's overall workforce or one in every seven workers.

Mortgages | 28 Oct 2014

BLOG: Don't panic sell when 'star' leaves

Mike Kellard, chief executive officer, AXA Wealth comments on research into the performance of funds after the departure of ‘star fund managers'.

Investments | 28 Oct 2014

BLOG: What to do when a star manager exits

Richard Pease’s departure from Henderson will prompt many investors to think carefully about their holdings. Nick Peters, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Solutions, argues that knee-jerk reactions following fund manager departures can be a mistake, and that the decision about whether to stay invested is complex.

Investments | 16 Oct 2014

BLOG: What to remember when investing in growing businesses

Paul Moravek, co-founder of VentureFounders, shares his top 5 tips for investing in growth opportunities.

Investments | 14 Oct 2014

BLOG: Savings & investments - Safe as houses?

Pictures of people queuing outside Northern Rock branches to withdraw their money are among some of the most frightening images of the financial crisis, says Maike Currie, investment planning director at Fidelity Personal Investing.

Savings | 13 Oct 2014

BLOG: Pensions 2022 - what does the future hold?

Morten Nilsson, CEO of NOW ponders the shape of the pensions industry a decade from now.

Retirement | 07 Oct 2014

BLOG: Political risk and political patronage

While the Scottish independence referendum served as a high-profile example of political risk, in our view it was merely a prelude to next year's UK general election which we believe is likely to represent a far greater source of uncertainty and investor discomfort.

Investments | 06 Oct 2014

BLOG: How the end of the 'death tax' will affect you

Lauren Peters of Tideway Wealth gives her view on George Osborne’s announced plans to scrap the much hated 55 per cent ‘death tax’ on pensions - and who stands to benefit.

Retirement | 03 Oct 2014

BLOG: Is it time to buy Hong Kong shares?

Political tension in Hong Kong has seen the Hang Seng index slide, while sharp drops in the currency forced the monetary authority to announce emergency measures.

Investments | 29 Sep 2014

Product launch of the week: Analysis

We look at Guinness Asset Management's new Global Innovators fund.

Investments | 29 Sep 2014

BLOG: It's time to get real about retirement

It's worrying that even now, when pensions are more topical than ever, people seem to be unclear on how much they can expect to live off in retirement, says David Macmillan of Aegon UK.

Retirement | 29 Sep 2014

BLOG: Labour's proposed 'Mansion Tax' is unfair

Taxing property wealth is the bluntest of instruments, says Russell Quirk.

Mortgages | 25 Sep 2014

BLOG: If an annuity were a home, a castle might become a prison

Ian Sayers, director general of the Association of Investment Companies, finds that it is the 'once and for all' element of an annuity purchase that deters many investors.

Retirement | 23 Sep 2014

BLOG: The downsides of DIY Investing

Chris Williams of Wealth Horizon explores some of the most common pitfalls of DIY investing.

Investments | 22 Sep 2014

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