BLOG: Darius McDermott canvasses opinion on European markets

Darius McDermott of Chelsea Financial Services considers the outlook for European markets.

Portfolio Management | 30 Jul 2014

BLOG: Do you need to worry about an interest rate rise?

Higher interest rates now appear to be a genuine and looming possibility. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, said this week that keeping interest rates at their current level risked a dangerous housing bubble, which may ultimately prompt a return to recession. It is that time of year when most people are more interested in sangria than savings rates, but should people be concerned?

Investments | 28 Jul 2014

BLOG: Ethics and returns are not mutually exclusive

There remains a misconception that an ethical moniker on a fund means giving up a real investment return for a more abstract social return. Hard evidence points to the contrary.

Investments | 23 Jul 2014

BLOG: Property opportunities across the pond

Sophie Carter of CityR urges Brits to look for property further afield.

Mortgages | 21 Jul 2014
portugal flag

BLOG: Do investors need to panic about a Portuguese bank?

Do investors need to be concerned about the activities of an obscure Portuguese bank? After all, most people probably didn’t know much about the Banco Espirito Santos until its problems rocked stock markets last week. It has proved a salutary reminder that there are still troubles that threaten the global economic recovery, but what does it mean for savers and investors?

Markets | 14 Jul 2014
Piggy Bank

BLOG: It has never been more important for savers to shop around

Tony Leahy explores whether the launch of the New ISA will encourage people to be more proactive when it comes to finding the best home for their money.

Savings | 11 Jul 2014
seedling growing in pot

BLOG: Alternative Finance - The creation of a peer to SME platform

What is peer to peer lending and what can it do for investors? Mark Hawkins of Invest and Fund Ltd gives his views.

ISAs | 07 Jul 2014
Money tap

BLOG: High cash weightings give scope for further stock market gains

According to the US financial services group State Street, individuals with investable assets have raised their cash allocations significantly over the past two years. In the UK, State Street found that cash allocations had risen to a surprisingly high 43% in May.

Markets | 01 Jul 2014

BLOG: Fund managers on how Obamacare has affected the healthcare sector

On 1 January this year, Obamacare came into effect and, with it, the potential to bring more than 20 million more people into the US healthcare system.

Portfolio Management | 30 Jun 2014

BLOG: Britain's homeowners - A nation of property experts?

A new breed of online estate agents may be able to help homeowners save thousands of pounds while also giving expert advice, argues Ben Grove.

Investments | 30 Jun 2014

BLOG: Why investing isn't the same as gambling

Never invest money you can't afford to lose - a 'golden rule' of investing?

Investments | 13 Jun 2014

BLOG: AIM shares in ISAs - A few words of warning

AIM stocks are now eligible for direct ISA investment, but will this change really benefit investors, asks Tony Mudd of St James's Place.

ISAs | 02 Jun 2014

BLOG: Which way are equity markets heading?

Opinion on where equity markets are headed is really quite divided at the moment.

Investments | 30 May 2014

BLOG: Making fund costs and charges easier to understand

The Investment Management Association (IMA), the trade body that represents UK based investment managers, is introducing a new, simple way of telling investors how much it has cost them to own units in a fund each year.

Portfolio Management | 14 May 2014

BLOG: New platform rules have left investors more confused than ever

New rules for fund platforms, which came into force on 6 April, were designed to make charges for investing more transparent for the end investor.

Portfolio Management | 07 May 2014

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