BLOG: Is it time to buy Hong Kong shares?

Political tension in Hong Kong has seen the Hang Seng index slide, while sharp drops in the currency forced the monetary authority to announce emergency measures.

Investments | 29 Sep 2014

Product launch of the week: Analysis

We look at Guinness Asset Management's new Global Innovators fund.

Investments | 29 Sep 2014

BLOG: The downsides of DIY Investing

Chris Williams of Wealth Horizon explores some of the most common pitfalls of DIY investing.

Investments | 22 Sep 2014

Product launch of the week: Analysis

We look at the changes to Hargreaves Lansdown's Vantage Account.

Investments | 22 Sep 2014

BLOG: ASOS - A lesson in over-optimism

The recent troubles at ASOS highlight an important lesson about investing in the stock market - growth is not enough.

Investments | 16 Sep 2014

BLOG: Long term care - The elephant in your financial plan

Maike Currie Associate Investment Director at Fidelity Personal Investing discusses an often neglected part of financial planning - budgeting for long term care.

Insurance | 14 Sep 2014

BLOG: Bubble or not? It doesn't matter

Why the insistence on trying to second guess whether or not markets are in a bubble? There is certainly an ongoing ‘bubble' of talk about market bubbles...and it's showing no sign of bursting.

Investments | 11 Sep 2014

BLOG: The hunt for income

Stuart Reeve of BlackRock explores the options for income-seeking investors.

Investments | 10 Sep 2014

BLOG: The FTSE and the golden rules of investment

With the FTSE reaching a 14-year high and some wary that the only way to go is down, Liz Field reminds investors of some golden rules.

Investments | 04 Sep 2014

BLOG: The time to consider alternatives

John Husselbee, Head of Multi-Asset at Liontrust, talks about the advantages and disadvantages of using alternative investments.

Investments | 03 Sep 2014

BLOG: Why investors should embrace market volatility

JP Morgan's Andy Goldberg on why a little volatility is a good thing.

Investments | 27 Aug 2014

BLOG: France - “You are the weakest link”

Is France the new 'sick man of Europe'? Jason Hollands of Tilney Bestinvest says yes.

Investments | 25 Aug 2014

BLOG: Why Europe on the road to recovery is still good value

Now is not the time to doubt Europe, argues Jon Ingram of JP Morgan.

Investments | 22 Aug 2014

BLOG: What does the Scottish referendum mean for investors?

With the Scottish independence referendum fast approaching, the media is abuzz with questions around what this will mean for UK businesses, for Europe and for the integrity of the United Kingdom.

Investments | 20 Aug 2014

BLOG: Three myths about investment trusts - and why you shouldn’t believe them

Thanks to the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) investment trusts are back in the spotlight, but so too are the myths that surround them. Simon White debunks the most persistent.

Investments | 18 Aug 2014

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