BLOG: What really needs to change to get people saving

Could we be reaching a turning point? Does the Budget represent a significant shift to developing a sustainable approach towards savings and away from a culture of spending and debt?

Savings | 07 Apr 2014

BLOG: Why investment trusts are perfect for your ISA

The ISA season is in its final hours and many fund management houses have been paying testament to the tax wrapper's advantages.

ISAs | 04 Apr 2014

BLOG: A new dawn for ISAs

The 2014 Budget signalled a ‘new dawn’ for the Individual Savings Account (ISA) which has been a ‘nice to have’ element of the UK savings regime since Personal Equity Plans (PEPs) were replaced some years ago.

ISAs | 02 Apr 2014

BLOG: China – Meltdown or Slowdown?

I'm often asked about China as an investment opportunity. Mainly because its economy has such an impact on both emerging and Asian equities, but also increasingly more on global equities.

Markets | 31 Mar 2014

BLOG: How to cash in on ‘boom boom Britain’

Tom Stevenson of Fidelity Personal Investing tells savers how to make the most of the British recovery.

Investments | 28 Mar 2014

BLOG: Banking on Barclays

Is personal education in schools the answer to all the nation’s financial problems?

Savings | 17 Mar 2014

BLOG: A contrarian view on the bull case for equities

The year always begins with Uncle Tom Cobley and all offering their 12-month forecasts for a number of major asset classes.

Portfolio Management | 12 Mar 2014
joanna faith headshot

BLOG: It's time to bite the bullet and take more risk with your money

The death of the UK saver was officially marked today with a mock funeral outside the Bank of England on Threadneedle Street.

Savings | 06 Mar 2014

BLOG: Three good reasons (and one terrible reason) to buy a fund

Picking the right fund is about more than just going with the best manager, writes Rick Eling of Sanlam UK.

Portfolio Management | 28 Feb 2014

BLOG: We're living in a better investment world

Something is happening in the investment world: platforms and fund managers alike are reducing their fees.

Investments | 14 Feb 2014

BLOG: Is it time to take away tax relief for BTL landlords?

It is nearly three decades since Mrs Thatcher’s government put an end to MIRAS – mortgage interest relief at source – as part of a cost-cutting measure last time the nation’s finances were in a state as parlous as they are now.

Mortgages | 10 Feb 2014
hargreaves lansdown logo

'Why Hargreaves' u-turn on charges is simply a gimmick'

Hargreaves Lansdown has scrapped extra charges on investment trusts, but the move may not benefit as many people as the fund supermarket.

Investments | 05 Feb 2014

BLOG: UK house buyers are being left behind in their own backyard

Giles Beswick of Select Property explains why foreign investors are turning to the UK property sector in droves and warns UK buyers not to get left behind by their overseas counterparts.

Mortgages | 29 Jan 2014

BLOG: What can Sherlock Holmes teach us about investment?

While idly flicking through some online book reviews I noticed some glowing praise by Nassim Taleb (of The Black Swan fame) for A Few Lessons From Sherlock Holmes by Peter Bevelin.

Investments | 20 Jan 2014

BLOG: The real cost of divorce

Divorce is a difficult experience for any couple, but increasingly money and financial arrangements become entwined in difficult and hostile situations.

Pensions | 16 Jan 2014

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