BLOG: Successful investment strategies should be boring

Investing is rarely seen as exciting and glamorous, and perhaps that's how it should be.

Investments | 26 Nov 2014

BLOG: Opportunities in direct property

Investors are inundated with information on funds. The alternative is to invest directly. In the first of a mini-series, financial planner Rob Noble-Warren looks at property.

Investments | 24 Nov 2014

BLOG: Top tips for would-be entrepreneurs

As Global Entrepreneurship Week draws to a close James Benamor teaches Your Money how to get a business off the ground.

Savings | 21 Nov 2014

BLOG: When weddings and portfolios focus on the wrong things

What do divorce rates and investing have in common? More than you might think, according to Ian Kelly of Schroders.

Investments | 19 Nov 2014

BLOG: How to invest a windfall

Maike Currie, associate investment director at Fidelity Personal Investing, gives lucky recipients of a windfall tips on how to invest it.

Investments | 18 Nov 2014

BLOG: Give Japan the benefit of the doubt

There is value to be had in Japan even as it dips into recession, says David Coombs.

Investments | 18 Nov 2014

BLOG: Going global for income

Tom Stevenson, Investment Director at Fidelity Personal Investing, comments on why investors should consider looking internationally to generate income.

Investments | 12 Nov 2014
Photo of people covering their faces with cards picturing question marks

BLOG: 5 things you didn't know about investment trusts

An Investment Trust is a collective investment vehicle, meaning people's money is pooled together and invested by a professional fund manager into a basket of assets, such as shares, bonds or property.

Investments | 04 Nov 2014

BLOG: Don't panic sell when 'star' leaves

Mike Kellard, chief executive officer, AXA Wealth comments on research into the performance of funds after the departure of ‘star fund managers'.

Investments | 28 Oct 2014

BLOG: Weakening dividend payouts

Laith Khalaf, senior analyst, Hargreaves Lansdown, gives his verdict on the news that dividend payouts from UK companies are losing momentum.

Investments | 21 Oct 2014

BLOG: The top five mistakes that investors make

In today's uncertain economic climate, investing wisely has never been more important.

Investments | 20 Oct 2014
Two basketball players jumping up to the net

BLOG: How goals can help you get the most from your investments

We've all got goals in life and achieving them can be an expensive business.

Investments | 20 Oct 2014

BLOG: What to do when a star manager exits

Richard Pease’s departure from Henderson will prompt many investors to think carefully about their holdings. Nick Peters, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Solutions, argues that knee-jerk reactions following fund manager departures can be a mistake, and that the decision about whether to stay invested is complex.

Investments | 16 Oct 2014

BLOG: What to remember when investing in growing businesses

Paul Moravek, co-founder of VentureFounders, shares his top 5 tips for investing in growth opportunities.

Investments | 14 Oct 2014

BLOG: Political risk and political patronage

While the Scottish independence referendum served as a high-profile example of political risk, in our view it was merely a prelude to next year's UK general election which we believe is likely to represent a far greater source of uncertainty and investor discomfort.

Investments | 06 Oct 2014

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