First-time buyer basics

Getting a mortgage is difficult, but there are a few things first-time buys need to consider.

First-time buyers

Getting a mortgage has become more difficult for first-time buyers in recent years, thanks to rising house prices. Even now, with residential property values set to stabilise or even fall in some areas, first-time buyers are instead faced with more difficulties when trying to secure a mortgage.

Perhaps you haven't managed to save a decent deposit yet, or maybe you're worried you might not be able to afford a mortgage on your income alone. Even if this is the case, there are options open to you.

This includes sharing a mortgage, guarantor mortgages and even government schemes for key workers or first-time buyers facing affordability issues.

Getting your first mortgage

It is worth thinking carefully before you commit to a property or a mortgage - is now the right time to buy for you? Would it be more sensible to wait and save for a little longer?

But if you're eager to press on, our website could be a useful starting point.

Along with important information on mortgages and property, we also provide a range of mortgage calculators that can help you work out the monthly repayments on any deal you are considering.

Plus check out the best buy tables for the latest deals from UK lenders.


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