How to make your student loan last that extra few weeks


If you spent your summer holiday getting paid the minimum wage for a mundane job, it will probably feel like Christmas morning when first instalment of your student loan comes through.

But steady on, that money will actually have to go towards a set of equally mundane bills first.

Here are a few pointers on ways to make the loan last that little bit longer, but without missing out on the joys of being at university.

Because, after all, it is supposed to be fun too.


University is all about the fun, yet spending most nights out and about can really cut into your budget, try these tips to save some cash:

• Dining out in style - take a look at the great selection of websites that let you dine out for next to nothing. Some offer deals like 50 per cent off the bill or free courses etc. Team up with friends and experience food from around the world for up to half the price.
• Tasty takeaways - if you don't fancy dressing up and dining out, looking up vouchers online is also a great way to make sure that you can have money off coupons on that pizza delivery.
• Drink up - we all like a tipple so if you don't want to splash out in the bar then just order online instead. The major supermarkets like Sainsbury's, Asda and Tesco offer great online deals - so just stock up on cider, host your own shindig and get it delivered straight to the door.
• Pot-luck party - gather your fellow scholars together and dig into a splendid feast by asking all guests to bring a dish. Ensure to give them a little guidance first otherwise you could end up with twenty casseroles and nothing for pud!
• The great outdoors - If you don't mind donning your cossie when it is bitterly cold, sign up to The Outdoor Swimming Society and cut out the chlorine. Sign up online, team up with other daring lake-lovers and dive in to swimming hot... or should we say cold spots all over the country. Best thing of all? It's totally free!
• Movie night - we all love relaxing in front of a good film but the price of splashing out on cinema tickets plus popcorn can leave you reaching for the remote instead. But remember you can get 2 for 1 deals for cinema tickets or even grab a free trial at Lovefilm and get them delivered for free.



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