Edinburgh savers most likely to use full ISA allowance

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Savers in Scotland's capital are most likely to make use of their full ISA allowance, according to a new report.

For the second year running, Edinburgh came out as the leading city, town or area in the UK with the highest number of savers who have maximised their ISA allowance.

According to Alliance Trust Saving, research into the top 10 areas in the UK where clients have maxed out their ISA allowance also found South-West London again in second place, followed by Tonbridge in Kent.

With three Scottish towns or cities and seven areas in the South East of England, the findings indicate the clear regional popularity of ISAs in the UK.

Garry Mcluckie, Head of Platform at Alliance Trust Savings, said: "With the ISA deadline fast approaching, we urge the rest of the UK to follow Edinburgh's lead in maximising their whole ISA allowance of £11,280.

"Investors have until midnight on Friday to invest in a stocks and shares ISA or split it and put up to £5,640 in a cash ISA.

"Since ISAs were introduced in 1999, the ISA limits have risen from £7,000 to the current allowance of £11, 280.

"If you had made the full use of these accounts since launch, you could have sheltered £92,940 from HMRC, including the 2011/2012 allowance, without taking capital growth into account."


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