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Sky Sports subscriptions due to re-start mid-June

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Sky has set a provisional date of 19 June to “un-pause” sports subscriptions and restart billing customers.

The news will come as a surprise to many Sky customers who have not been notified directly by Sky that their bills are about to restart.

The Premier League is currently planning its return, with 19 June one of the target dates being discussed. For sports out there, they can already start planning which teams they want to bet on sites like

A Sky Sports spokesperson told that customers who have paused their subscriptions would start paying again, but stressed this would be when live sport resumes.

The spokesperson said: “We are beginning the process of returning paused sport customers to billing, which requires sufficient time to communicate and implement fully. Should the live sport schedule change significantly then we will absolutely look at alternate plans – no customers will be charged until mid-June at the earliest.”

Households with Sky Sports subscriptions have been able to pause paying for sports channels since sport stopped in March. However they have still had access to all 11 Sky Sports channels.

Sports fans who access Sky Sports via Virgin Media, BT or TalkTalk, also had the option to pause their subscriptions and should check with their provider about when they will start paying again.

Nick Baker, TV expert at, says: “Many Sky Sports customers who paused their subscription when live action stopped in March may have been surprised to see payments reappear on their June TV bill.

“Sky says that customers won’t be charged anything before mid-June, but it’s naturally disappointing that some consumers have had to find out this way.

“What this does mean, and the good news for many sports fans, is that the Premier League is due to restart on June 19, although this is still subject to change. However, Sky Sports won’t be able to offer the depth and breadth of football, golf, cricket, F1 and other sports that fans expect for some time.

“Many customers may feel hard done by if they have to pay full price for a service that isn’t what they signed up for. If you are not happy, raise your concerns with Sky in the first instance.”