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66% of providers offer HIV life assurance

Tahmina Mannan
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Tahmina Mannan

A detailed study policies found that 66% of the major Life Assurers in the UK now offer HIV life assurance

However the report suggests that in reality very few  actual offers of insurance are being taken up.

The main reason for this is thatproviders do not offer any indication of terms prior to a client making an application.

People living with HIV therefore are being asked to complete applications, submit to medicals and blood tests before any accurate indication of cost is offered.

Medical financial advisers at Unusual Risks say that the needs of HIV positive people are not being met by providers and HIV positive people should seek specialist advice before applying for HIV life assurance.

Unusual Risks said that people taking life assurance through specialist advisers stand a far higher chance of acceptance.

This is because they have the wider choice of six different insurance providers through brokers, instead of what effectively amounts to only two insurance companies through bank assurance companies.