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India funds top May performance tables; Property sector leads in 2014

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

India-focused products accounted for 4 of the top 10 performing funds in May as election fever drove the stock market to record highs.

According to analysis by Hargreaves Lansdown, property has been the top performing sector in 2014, boosted by growing confidence in the economy.

Meanwhile, Japanese equities, despite rebounding in May, are the are the worst performing sector in 2014 returning -6.22 per cent.

Adrian Lowcock, senior investment manager at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “Emerging Markets feature as the top performing sector in May, led by India. The country’s stock market was given a significant boost as Narendra Modi was elected as the next prime minister of India on 16 May.

“Modi is seen as pro-business and will focus on improving India’s infrastructure. Poor infrastructure is often cited as a barrier to increasing economic growth in the world’s largest democracy.”

“The top performing sectors so far in 2014 are Property and European Smaller Companies. With yields falling on other asset classes and growing confidence in the economic recovery in the UK, investors have found property more attractive. European equities continue to offer value relative to their own history.

“Later this week the European Central Bank is expected to announce a range of policies to help stimulate the economy, which should be good news for European shares.”

Japan has been the worst performing sector for 2014 as foreign investors sold out of the country over concerns Abenomics has run out of steam. The stock market bounced back a little in May as the sales tax increase in April did not dampen growth as much as expected. Japan remains unpopular with investors, but the stock market is cheap in our view. It is on a low price/book ratio, with rising corporate profits, good profit margins, growing bank lending and a low exchange rate.”


Top performing funds in May 2014

Name % Growth IMA Rank
HSBC GIF Indian Equity 20.05 Specialist 1
Neptune Russia & Greater Russia 14.42 Specialist 2
Neptune Russia Special Situations 13.86 Specialist 3
Jupiter India 12.77 Specialist 4
JPM New Europe 12.67 Specialist 5
Junior Oils 12.22 Specialist 6
Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities 11.94 Specialist 7
First State Indian Subcontinent 11.6 Specialist 8
Neptune India 10.94 Specialist 9
Aberdeen Eastern European Equity 10.75 Specialist 10

Top performing sectors in May 2014

Name % Growth Rank
IMA Global Emerging Markets 5.05 1
IMA Japanese Smaller Companies 4.96 2
IMA Japan 4.64 3
IMA Technology & Telecoms 4.42 4
IMA China/Greater China 4.35 5
IMA Asia Pacific Including Japan 3.82 6
IMA Asia Pacific Excluding Japan 3.67 7
IMA Global Emerging Markets Bond 3.3 8
IMA North America 3.01 9
IMA Global 2.61 10

Top performing funds in 2014

Name % Growth Schemes Rank
HSBC GIF Indian Equity 29.24 Specialist 1
JPM Emerging Middle East Equity 22.64 Specialist 2
JPM Turkey Equity 21.78 Specialist 3
Neptune India 20.91 Specialist 4
Jupiter India 20.27 Specialist 5
First State Indian Subcontinent 17.31 Specialist 6
Invesco India Equity 16.98 Specialist 7
Junior Oils 16.54 Specialist 8
JPMorgan India 14.59 Specialist 9
Premier Pan European Property Share 13.23 Property 10

Top performing sectors in 2014

Name % Growth Rank
IMA Property 5.28 1
IMA European Smaller Companies 5.27 2
IMA Global Emerging Markets Bond 5.25 3
IMA UK Index Linked Gilt 5.11 4
IMA £ Corporate Bond 4.5 5
IMA £ Strategic Bond 3.98 6
IMA Europe Excluding UK 3.97 7
IMA UK Gilt 3.9 8
IMA Asia Pacific Excluding Japan 3.83 9
IMA £ High Yield 3.79 10

Source: Lipper, 30th April 2014 to 31st May 2014