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Investors turn to global funds but Woodford stays on top

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Neil Woodford’s UK equity income fund remained top of the fund sales chart in November but investors also showed a preference for overseas funds.

The Share Centre’s top 10 bought funds in November 2016 included India, Japan, global and US funds.

But CF Woodford Equity Income hung onto the top spot.

“Investors are clearly demonstrating the need for a tried and trusted manager and investment approach,” said Andy Parsons, head of investments at The Share Centre.

Here is a complete list of the top 10 bought funds in November:

1. CF Woodford Equity Income fund
2. Fundsmith Equity Income fund
3. Jupiter India fund
4. Legg Mason Japan Equity fund
5. Lindsell Train Global Equity fund
6. AXA Framlington Global Technology fund
7. Fidelity Enhanced Income fund
8. Vanguard Life Strategy 40% Equity fund
9. Newton Global Income fund
10. Schroder US Mid-cap fund.

“November was another month of surprises to the markets as Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States,”  Parsons said.

“Trump is a businessman at heart and his pro-business measures and initiatives outlined in his campaigning have continued to flow post-election and subsequently aided the market in its continually upward trajectory. With the UK still facing so much uncertainty, it’s unsurprising to see the prominence of funds with overseas investment opportunities in the top traded fund list as investors sought global exposure.”

Fundsmith Equity and Jupiter India secured their places of second and third respectively. Parsons said India continues to be the “preferred emerging market region” as investors appreciate the opportunities being created due to reforms in the region.

The Fundsmith Equity fund provides investors with a high conviction, concentrated approach, with the vast majority of underlying investments being household names from a global perspective.

Fourth and fifth positions are taken up by international funds which demonstrates investors’ appetite for alternative regions.

Fourth position was taken by the Legg Mason Japan Equity fund, possibly as a result of investors looking for chances to benefit from the weaker yen.

Fifth position is consumed by a new entrant this month and comes in the shape of the Lindsell Train Global Equity fund. This fund has a concentrated portfolio and offers investor’s exposure to the US, Japan, Europe as well as the UK.