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Product launch of the week: Analysis

Cherry Reynard
Written By:
Cherry Reynard

We look at Guinness Asset Management’s new Global Innovators fund.

What’s new?
Guinness Asset Management is launching a new Global Innovators fund to be run by Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page. The pair also run the group’s £99m Global Equity Income fund.

They say
The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation through focused investment in companies that are positioned to benefit from innovations in technology, communication, globalism or management strategies.
“Innovation is more than a buzz word. Individuals, companies and nations innovate daily to solve real problems and improve peoples’ lives throughout the world.” – Dr. Ian Mortimer, Fund Manager

Good news?
Mortimer and Page have a reasonable track record on the Global Equity Income fund: The fund is currently 10th out of 24 funds in the Global Equity Income sector, having risen 48.1% over three years. The pair have run the Global Innovators strategy for US investors for around eight years, benchmarked to the Nasdaq. The fund is up 20.46%, according to data from the company, over the past three years, but much of this has come in the past year, when fund performance has been very strong.

Any caveats?
The fund will be US-heavy as that is where many of the major technology groups operate. Equally, the fund will be skewed to technology names: While technology is a far more mature and stable industry than it was during the boom and bust of 2000, it may still be economically sensitive and subject to bouts of volatility.

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