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Top ten economic predictions for 2013

Nariman Behravesh
Written By:
Nariman Behravesh

Chief economist of IHS Global Insight, Nariman Behravesh, reveals his top ten economic predictions for 2013.

As a volatile 2012 draws to a close, leading economists are gazing into their crystal balls and attempting to predict what 2013 has in store for investors worldwide.

Top 10 Predictions for 2013

1. The US recovery will gradually pick up steam-unless it falls off a cliff.

2. European growth will be weak in the north and negative in the south.

3. The Chinese economy will slowly gain momentum.

4. Other emerging markets will also show signs of life.

5. Commodity prices will move sideways or slightly down.

6. Inflation will remain tame.

7. Central banks will mostly be in wait-and-see mode

8. Fiscal policy will stay tight or become tighter.

9. The US dollar will be under mild downward pressure.

10. The risks facing the global economy will be more balanced.