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Which Premier League teams have the highest property prices?

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If it’s always been your dream to buy a house near your favourite football team, it may be music to your ears to hear that it could be a worthwhile investment.

Research produced by Pure Commercial Finance, commercial finance brokers, has found that if the same average house price growth takes place in the next two decades, in line with the growth experienced between 1997 and 2017, investors could expect to see an average 450% increase in property prices that are located near Premier League stadiums.

The study combined Land Registry data and previous reports by mortgage lenders.

Pure Commercial Finance found that properties surrounding West Ham, Fulham and Arsenal’s stadiums have the potential to produce healthy returns on investment. Meanwhile, the highest price per square metre can be found near Chelsea, Fulham, and Arsenal’s stadiums.

Out of the Premier League teams, properties surrounding Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium in North London experienced the biggest increase over a 20-year period. The average house value in the postal district surrounding Spurs’ stadium rose by 655% between 1997 and 2017 from £59,638 to £450,104.

Zoopla states the current average price around White Hart Lane is a little under £460,000.

Here’s how other teams compared:

Club Average house price 1997 (£) Average house price 2017 (£) 20-year change (%)
Tottenham Hotspur 59,638 450,104 655
West Ham United 46,448 330,459 611
Charlton Athletic 68,002 464,208 583
Queens Park Rangers 108,702 704,042 548
Chelsea 177,565 1,108,649 524
Fulham 177,565 1,108,649 524
Wimbledon 106,022 654,141 517
Watford 58,939 365,209 510
Crystal Palace 53,651 327,074 510
Manchester City 20,510 123,351 501
Brighton & Hove Albion 66,516 399,127 500
Arsenal 128,656 763,401 493
Manchester United 41,641 200,729 382
Norwich City 45,586 213,835 369
Reading 111,695 474,821 325
Ipswich Town 49,077 198,748 305
Bournemouth 76,000 297,042 291
Cardiff City 50,698 195,901 286
Nottingham Forest 68,499 262,247 283
Portsmouth 59,359 223,428 276

Source: Land Registry, Halifax & Pure Commercial Finance

Looking ahead, Pure Commercial Finance suggests that it could be worth monitoring the development of Millwall’s new stadium. It has been reported that architects are currently drawing up plans for a community programme, which means there could be some interesting new housing opportunities.