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Almost half of over-35s’ wills ‘inaccurate’

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Almost half of people aged 35 and over who have written a will have failed to amend it following a change of heart or circumstance, a report has found.

A further third admit that elements of their will are ‘simply inaccurate’.

The study, conducted by discount voucher site vouchercloud.com, polled 1,821 UK adults.

It found the common reasons wills needed updating were a new addition to the family, divorce, bereavement, change of value to an estate or a family fall out.

More than half of respondents cited not ‘getting around to it’ as the reason they had inaccurate wills, while more than a quarter said they ‘didn’t want to have to spend money doing so.’

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud said: “Facing up to our own mortality isn’t a particularly pleasant thing for anybody to do, but it’s the only certainty in life and something that we all need to be aware of. We need to make sure that in the event of anything unfortunate occurring, our friends and families are covered by the necessary provisions.

“A person’s estate can be the cause of huge family frictions in the event of any mishaps, so it’s important that everything is clear for those left behind. While it might not be something that you regularly think about, it should be something that’s considered. You might find that it gives you a peace of mind that you didn’t even realise you were lacking.”