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Over half of UK workers want a career change

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Over half (54%) of British workers would like a career change, with the figure rising to 72% for those aged between 25 and 34, research reveals.

But worry about being too old to change direction (11%), valuing their current stability (11%), not knowing where to start (10%), and a lack of confidence (10%) are key reasons for not taking the plunge.

The good news is that 84% of people said they were at least somewhat satisfied in their job, according to the study by Standard Life,

Going alone

For many the desire to strike out on their own is a reason for thinking about a career change.

Almost six in 10 UK workers (57%) have considered starting their own business, with those between the ages of 25 and 34 most motivated to do so.

Wanting to be your own boss is the biggest driver for setting up or thinking about setting up a business and with 54% of workers saying they’ve had to miss a significant personal event due to work commitments, it’s not surprising some people want to call the shots.

John Lees, author of How To Get A Job You Love, said: “The fact that over half of us wish we could change careers is really interesting – the reasons why we want to move will depend a lot on the stage of our career, whether it’s aiming for a higher salary or doing something we feel passionate about.

“While it’s not always easy, change is certainly possible. But before making the leap it’s good to reflect on what it is that would make us satisfied in a new role, or what’s making us unsatisfied right now, so that a change, whether its job, company or career, does give us what we want. When it’s time to make the change, there are lots of people and resources that can help with the process – and doing your homework is important.”

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