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This week’s best easy access, fixed and notice ISA rates

Nick Cheek
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Nick Cheek

As the ISA season draws to a close, we take a look at this week’s best ISA rates, according to Moneyfacts Compare.

For borrowers, last week’s Bank of England base rate rise was yet another blow. However for savers, the uplift has resulted in some providers choosing to up their ISA rates, just as ISA season reaches its climax.

This means that the average easy access ISA rate rose from 2.11% a week ago to 2.14% yesterday, according to Moneyfacts data. Below, we explore the best buys across each of the ISA categories.

Easy access ISAs

There are three providers currently offering a rate of 3.20% AER on their easy access ISAs. These are Paragon, Santander and Teachers Building Society.

Paragon allows three withdrawals from its Triple Access cash ISA, but on a fourth, the interest rate falls to 0.75%.

Santander’s requires a £500 minimum deposit to open online, in branch or via mobile app, and withdrawals are allowed. This pays interest yearly and allows transfers from a range of ISAs but after 12 months, it reverts to an ISA Saver account.

The Teachers BS ISA is only open to teachers and education professionals, as the name suggests. It allows up to three penalty-free withdrawals per calendar year, a minimum £100 deposit, and a maximum investment of £250,000. .50%.  The deal also applies to retired teachers.

Offering a slightly lower rate is Shawbrook Bank’s Easy Access Cash ISA – Issue 23 at 3.17% AER paid monthly or on its anniversary. It requires a minimum opening deposit of £1,000.

Finally, Gatehouse Bank’s Easy Access Cash ISA pays 3.15% AER. You can open it with just £1 and decide whether you want the interest paid monthly basis or on its anniversary.

Fixed-rate cash ISAs

One-year fixed

Just like last week, Santander sits atop the one-year fixed chart with the rate on its One-Year Fixed Rate ISA set at 4.15% AER, with a minimum opening deposit of £500. Interest is paid yearly until maturity. Access it early and you’ll pay a penalty and the account will close. You can open this account online, in branch or via mobile app, with ongoing management done in branch or by phone.

Two-year fixed

Virgin Money has raced into prime position on the two-year chart, after upping its rate to 4.26% AER.

Not only is this rate higher than the market-leading one-year fixed-rate, but it pays more than the most competitive three- and five-year fixed ISAs as well (see below). To take advantage of this freshly increased rate, accounts can be opened online with an initial deposit of only £1. This figure can be added to for a further 30 days from account opening, while you can gain earlier access to your funds in exchange for 90 days’ loss of interest. When it comes to interest, this can be paid either monthly or yearly.

Three and five-year fixed

Gatehouse Bank is offering 4.20% on its three- and five-year fixed term accounts within the Woodland range. Both accounts require an opening deposit of £1,000 with interest paid either monthly or on anniversary. Gatehouse also promises to plant a tree for every Woodland Cash ISA that’s opened. You can access the money early, but you’ll pay a penalty.

Alongside Gatehouse for its three-year fixed ISA is Close Brothers Savings, with a rate of 4.20%. Its three-year fixed rate ISA requires £10,000 to start earning interest, paid on anniversary. Access it early will trigger a 270-day loss of interest and closure of the account.

A third option if you’re looking for a three-year fixed ISA is Leeds BS’s 3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA (Issue 137). With an initial deposit of £100, once opened this account pays interest on a yearly basis.

Notice ISA accounts

Aldermore offers the best rate for accounts that need 30 days or less notice, paying 2.80% AER. In order to open this flexible ISA, you will need a minimum deposit of £1,000. Meanwhile, to withdraw funds from the account, you are required to provide 30 days’ notice, otherwise you will be landed with a 30-day loss of interest penalty.

Similarly, Furness BS continues to top the table for accounts that require a notice period of 60 days or less. Its 45-day Notice Cash ISA, a flexible ISA, pays 3.30% AER on a yearly basis. After opening this account with a minimum of £1,000, to access your money you will need to provide 45 days’ notice, or you’ll lose 45 days’ interest.