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Identity thefts account for half of detected fraud

Third party fraud – more commonly known as identity theft – now accounts for 47 per cent of all fraud cases prevented and detected.

Savings | 13 Oct 2014
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How Brits foot their festive bills

With just 75 days to go until Christmas, new research reveals how Brits are financing the festive season.

Savings | 13 Oct 2014

Should you already be saving for Christmas?

A third of Brits will start the New Year in debt after an expensive holiday season, according to the Money Advice Service (MAS). Can planning ahead help you avoid the debt trap?

Savings Accounts | 09 Oct 2014

Product launches of the week

A new energy provider, a student finance app and a raft of new mortgage offers came to market this week.

Mortgages | 19 Sep 2014
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One in three Brits still feels the financial pinch

Despite the recovering economy 37 per cent of Brits feel that their finances have worsened in the past year.

Savings | 17 Sep 2014

Five ways to improve your credit rating

An unhealthy credit report is a common financial conundrum for many people at some point in their lives. James Benamor of Amigo Loans has five tips to help you remedy the situation.

Credit Cards & Loans | 11 Sep 2014

Five times to turn to prepaid cards

Prepaid cards come to mind readily when you’re planning a holiday, but they have many more uses. We look at five times a prepaid card will come in handy right here at home.

Credit Cards & Loans | 10 Sep 2014

A fifth of Brits admit to shopping when drunk

Research by found that 24 per cent of Brits get out the credit cards when they've been drinking, bringing home everything from a pie maker to a folding ladder after boozy shopping sprees.

Credit Cards & Loans | 15 Aug 2014

Where and how your holiday money can go further

Want more rum for your money? We have five destinations where a strong pound will help you relax in style – for less.

Savings | 18 Jul 2014

Men more likely to ‘secret spend’

Men are far more likely than women to lie about expenditure and hide the evidence, according to a new survey.

Credit Cards | 17 Jul 2014
Credit Cards

Brits in denial over credit card debt finds Zopa

The average Brit has £4,500 of credit card debts, which could take as much as 17 years to pay off at an average interest rate of 17.9 per cent, according to Zopa.

Credit Cards | 07 Jul 2014

Credit cards vs personal loans: Which should you choose?

Whether you are looking for credit to make vital home improvements or pay for a holiday, you will probably have two main options: take out a personal loan or apply for a credit card.

Credit Cards & Loans | 27 Jun 2014

One in ten Britons don't carry any cash

The number of people who carry no cash on them at all has almost doubled in nine months, a poll has found.

Current Accounts | 24 Jun 2014

How to avoid sky-high card charges abroad

Brits abroad are set to be stung by millions of pounds worth of overseas credit and debit card charges this summer. Here's how you can avoid them.

Credit Cards & Loans | 02 Jun 2014

Consumers shun cash in favour of cards

The number of cash transactions is lower than ever as consumers embrace new ways to pay for everyday items on their debit cards, a study has found.

Credit Cards | 02 Jun 2014

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