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What your insurance policy doesn’t cover

Travel insurers are in hot water after using common alcohol exclusion clauses to unfairly deny claims. What other potentially problematic clauses should you be aware of?

Insurance | 24 Sep 2014
brain-confused uses Quote+ technology in industry first has become the first comparison site to use Quote+ technology to help customers buy life insurance, with a typical application taking less than two minutes.

Insurance | 29 Aug 2014
Fleet cars

Fancy a new car? Treat yourself.

Those looking to treat themselves to a new car may now have the perfect excuse.

Car Insurance | 27 Aug 2014

Automatically renewing car insurance not always the best policy, argues Gocompare

Automatic renewal of car insurance policies could leave motorists over-paying by almost £2bn, finds new research.

Car Insurance | 27 Aug 2014

REVEALED: How your postcode and your car insurance premiums are linked

A decline in average car insurance premiums masks big regional differences, according to research by AA Insurance.

Insurance | 18 Aug 2014

ABI proposes clarity guidelines for insurance renewal

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has proposed new guidelines to improve clarity for customers buying or renewing car and home insurance.

Car Insurance | 10 Jul 2014
A lawsuit document

Whiplash settlement process called into question

Car insurers should be banned from settling whiplash claims before a medical examination is conducted, the Transport Committee’s latest report said.

Car Insurance | 04 Jul 2014
Young male driver

More than 50,000 learner drivers have penalty points

More than a fifth of motoring offenders received penalty points before they had officially passed their test, according to official data.

Car Insurance | 26 Jun 2014
Black car

‘Crash for cash’ road traffic accidents up 51%

The number of deliberate 'crash for cash' road traffic accidents soared by 51 per cent last year, according to figures from Aviva.

Car Insurance | 17 Jun 2014
Black car

Calls to end price pacts between insurers and comparison sites

Comparison sites and car insurers should stop making agreements that lock some consumers out of the best deals, a market watchdog has said.

Car Insurance | 12 Jun 2014
Avis rental car

Car hire prices in Europe double in a year

The average cost of hiring a car has more than doubled in some European countries since last summer, research has found.

Savings | 03 Jun 2014
Car crash

Fraudulent insurance claims reach record high

The level of insurance fraud rose to a record £1.3bn in 2013, up 18 per cent on the previous year, according to data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Insurance | 30 May 2014
Black car

Millions risk invalidating their car insurance by 'fronting'

Millions of British motorists are de-frauding insurance companies by falsely claiming they are the main driver on someone else's policy.

Car Insurance | 15 May 2014
Ford is testing Google Predictions API for hybrid driving behaviour

Motorists could save hundreds by shopping around for insurance

Shopping around for car insurance rather than auto-renewing could save British drivers hundreds of pounds a year, according to MoneySuperMarket.

Car Insurance | 12 May 2014

Out-of-work drivers pay 58% more for car insurance

Jobless motorists are paying higher insurance premiums compared to their employed peers, research by MoneySuperMarket has revealed.

Car Insurance | 29 Apr 2014

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