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Lloyds exits stand-alone protection advice

Lloyds Banking Group has announced it will no longer offer stand-alone protection advice across its Halifax, Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland branches after observing "significantly reduced" customer demand.

Insurance | 14 Nov 2014

BLOG: Cuts are not the way to reduce welfare spending

Realistic reductions in the cost of welfare will not come from further cuts but from lessening the reliance on the state, argues Helen White of the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Insurance | 10 Nov 2014

Five money chats you must have with your partner

As research from Prudential shows that Brits are a duplicitous lot about money, we ask what you should know about your partner's spending habits.

Life Insurance | 01 Oct 2014

What your insurance policy doesn’t cover

Travel insurers are in hot water after using common alcohol exclusion clauses to unfairly deny claims. What other potentially problematic clauses should you be aware of?

Insurance | 24 Sep 2014

Planning ahead: Pre-paid funeral plans

It seems churlish to complain about the cost of burying a loved one, but it can be a considerable - and often unexpected - expense.

Savings | 17 Sep 2014
Harvest House New Forest Lymington

Life insurance not a priority for home movers, says TSB

Only 11% of people make life protection a top priority when buying a new home, according to new research from TSB.

Life Insurance | 05 Aug 2014

Half of women have never discussed financial implications of death

Women's main priority is the health, happiness and financial security of their children, but almost half have never discussed with their family the financial implications if were to die or be unable to work.

Estate Planning | 09 Jul 2014

Protection figures 'shatter illusion' insurers don't pay

Figures reveal insurance companies helped 270 families every day last year by paying out protection claims, "shattering the illusion" that providers don't pay, according to stakeholders.

Insurance | 27 May 2014

Half of mortgage holders have no life insurance

Half of all UK mortgage holders do not have life insurance and risk losing their home if the unforeseen were to happen, research has revealed.

Life Insurance | 07 May 2014

Ex-smokers could save over £5,400 on life cover

Quitting smoking could cause 'impressive savings' on combined critical illness cover (CIC) and single life cover, Moneysupermarket has said.

Life Insurance | 05 Mar 2014

*Infographic*: Public perception of life insurance 'staggeringly disappointing'

High profile cases of life insurance claims being rejected have dented the public's perception of the protection industry, according to one expert.

Insurance | 01 Nov 2013
A pile of cigarettes

Kick the habit and save £6k on insurance

Giving up smoking could save an individual a packet in life and Critical Illness premiums.

Life Insurance | 08 Oct 2013

Quarter of Brits would sell their partner for £1m or less

One in four Brits would sell their partner for £1m or less, according to a new poll.

Life Insurance | 19 Sep 2013

Four million women are main breadwinner at home

Four in 10 women are now the main breadwinner in their household, says a new report, with the average female earning £14,000 more a year than men.

Savings | 19 Jul 2013

Men in 30s buy into protection with increased cover levels

Men in their 30s have increased the amount they insure themselves by a fifth (20%) in the past year, according to new figures from Scottish Provident.

Insurance | 11 Jun 2013

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