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'Adequate' pensions advice for post-reform retirees could cost £40m

The cost of providing "adequate" advice to retirees following the dramatic overhaul of the pensions system could top £40m, according to

Annuities | 20 Apr 2014
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Only 25% of retirees plan to buy an annuity

Only 25 per cent of retirees plan to use their pension pot to buy an annuity following reforms announced in this year's Budget, a study has found.

Annuities | 07 Apr 2014
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FCA reveals Osborne's 'right to advice' pledge means guidance only

The Chancellor's 'right to advice' for pensioners at the point of retirement will be a right to 'free impartial guidance', not regulated advice, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has confirmed.

Pensions | 01 Apr 2014

More than half of savers don't trust their pension provider

More than half of consumers approaching retirement say they do not trust their pension provider to act in their best interests, according to Which?

Annuities | 24 Mar 2014

Labour backs 'radical' pension reforms but demands more detail

Labour has backed the Chancellor's move to radically overhaul the pension system, which will give retirees freedom to do what they want with their money at age 55.

Pensions | 24 Mar 2014

Can you cancel your annuity and get your money back?

Insurers have been reviewing their annuity cancellation terms in light of the Budget reforms. So, if you're re-thinking your recently-purchased annuity, you may have a way out.

Annuities | 21 Mar 2014
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Buy to let: The natural successor to annuities?

George Osborne's announcement removing the requirement for savers to purchase an annuity at retirement could lead to a buy-to-let boom, according to some commentators.

Annuities | 21 Mar 2014

BLOG: Will annuities sink or swim?

In pension circles, 19 March 2014 will be remembered for the Budget that changed the rules.

Annuities | 21 Mar 2014
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New annuity rules: your questions answered

Annuity expert Alan Higham responds to pension savers’ five most pressing questions.

Pensions | 20 Mar 2014

Pension reforms: What will happen and when?

As part of wide-ranging changes to the pensions market, some moves will happen as quickly as next week. We summarise the key points:

Pensions | 20 Mar 2014

New rules to help savers with small pension pots expected

The government could relax rules on cashing in small pension pots in this year's Budget, providing a boost to thousands of retirees.

Pensions | 07 Mar 2014

Annuities now available for savers with small pension pots

Annuity provider Just Retirement has reduced the minimum fund size it will underwrite to £2,000.

Annuities | 03 Mar 2014

BLOG: Three retirement tips

As final salary pensions are increasingly consigned to the history books, more and more of us retire with defined contribution pension savings.

Retirement | 19 Feb 2014

Annuity sales down 16% as thousands defer retirement income choice - ABI

Some 353,000 annuities worth just under a total of £12bn were sold by Association of British Insurers (ABI) members in 2013, latest figures show.

Retirement | 18 Feb 2014

Annuity shopping around failure leaves eight in ten retirees worse off

Some 80% of retirees who stick with their pension provider when they buy an annuity could get a better deal elsewhere, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found.

Retirement | 14 Feb 2014

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