FCA media blunder: Staff warned regulator not to brief journalist

A strategy by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to leak details of some of its upcoming projects to national newspapers - which in one case sparked huge falls in the share prices of several major life companies - was "high risk" and inadequate, according to an independent report by a law firm.

Insurance | 11 Dec 2014
A normal retirement age

UK regulator says insurance companies should disclose how annuity quotes compare with peers

The FCA has proposed a 'Pensions Dashboard', and said product providers should be obliged to reveal how their annuity quotes compare with competitors' following its study of the retirement income market.

Annuities | 11 Dec 2014

Women still lag on pension provision

The average woman's pension pot is 27% lower than the male equivalent, according to new research from My Pension Expert.

Retirement | 02 Dec 2014

Govt must protect retirees from ‘rip off’ drawdown charges - Labour

Labour has urged the government to ensure none of the 320,000 savers expected to take advantage of pension freedoms are exposed to “rip off charges”.

Retirement | 24 Nov 2014

Annuity rates take a tumble

The average annuity rate has fallen in the third quarter of 2014 by 2.38%, according to the latest Annuity Index from retirement specialist MGM Advantage.

Retirement | 30 Oct 2014

Annuity income tumbles £2k since Budget pensions overhaul

The average annuity today delivers just over £2,000 less income over retirement compared to one bought in March, when the Chancellor swept away the need for savers to buy the product in his Budget, according to retirement specialist MGM Advantage.

Retirement | 28 Oct 2014

Majority of over-65s have made no plans for care costs

More than 90 per cent of over-65s have made no plans to pay for long-term care should they need it.

Retirement | 08 Oct 2014

BLOG: If an annuity were a home, a castle might become a prison

Ian Sayers, director general of the Association of Investment Companies, finds that it is the 'once and for all' element of an annuity purchase that deters many investors.

Retirement | 23 Sep 2014

Calls for end to automatic annuity purchases

Pensions campaigner Ros Altmann is leading calls for a ban on automatic annuity purchases.

Retirement | 22 Sep 2014

Annuity rates inch up as demand dips

Uncertainty following the pension changes in the Budget has driven down demand for annuities by 43.8 per cent year on year, according to a new report.

Retirement | 29 Jul 2014

BLOG: Pensions - New freedom, new responsibility

As the Government gives details of its plans for pensions reform, Fidelity's Tom Stevenson explains the likely impact of the changes.

Retirement | 29 Jul 2014

BLOG: The cost of pension freedom

Ian Stott of The Consulting Consortium considers the cost of pension reform - and who will pay it.

Retirement | 25 Jul 2014
Pension deficit

Annuity rates could stay low for forseeable future

The average annuity rate fell by 0.72 per cent in the second quarter of 2014, according to the MGM Advantage Annuity Index, and rates are expected to remain low into next year.

Annuities | 14 Jul 2014
Woman shopping on smartphone

Young women headed for £400,000 retirement shortfall

Young women underestimate the total amount they'll need to save to achieve their ideal retirement income by more than £400,000, according to new research.

Annuities | 30 Jun 2014

'Guaranteed income for life' is top priority for retirees

A guaranteed income for life is still top priority for retirees despite Chancellor George Osborne scrapping the requirement to buy an annuity in this year's Budget.

Annuities | 02 Jun 2014

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