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2.5m over-55s plan to downsize in retirement

Four in 10 (41 per cent) of homeowners over the age of 55 plan to sell their current property, according to the bi-annual Prudential Downsizing Index.

Mortgages | 14 Nov 2014

Pensioners increasingly turning to equity release to boost income

Pensioners in the UK are using equity release to boost their income by an average of £67,500, according to analysis carried out by over-55s financial provider Key Retirement.

Mortgages | 13 Nov 2014

Majority of over-65s have made no plans for care costs

More than 90 per cent of over-65s have made no plans to pay for long-term care should they need it.

Retirement | 08 Oct 2014
Two pensioners

The top five uses for a lifetime mortgage

Ever wondered what a lifetime mortgage is for? Alice Watson of Stonehaven lets us in on how their customers are using the cash released from their homes.

Mortgages | 02 Oct 2014

Only Mexico beats UK on poor state pensions

The UK’s state pension is the second worst in the developed world, with only Mexico giving OAPs a worse average salary replacement rate in retirement, a study has found.

Retirement | 27 Nov 2013
Age UK teach older people computer skills

Most over-45s expect to retire with £500k in assets

Most over-45s are "wildly optimistic" by expecting to retire with almost half a million pounds in assets excluding their homes, says a report.

Equity Release | 30 Oct 2013

Rise in retirees using equity release for long term care

The number of retirees turning to equity release to fund their long term care needs has soared since the start of the financial crisis.

Retirement | 14 Jun 2013

Rise in over-50s turning to equity release to fund debts

Increasing numbers of over 50s are using equity release products to pay off outstanding mortgages and unsecured debts, according to a new report.

Equity Release | 10 Jun 2013

One in four Brits to sell house to fund long-term care

Selling property has become the primary source of funding for long-term care this year, overtaking the state and savings, Partnership has reported.

Retirement | 19 Apr 2013
Map of Scotland

Scotland sees 39% spike in equity release borrowing

Total equity release lending to Scottish homeowners rose by 39% in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Mortgages | 30 Jan 2013

Equity release market to exceed £1bn

The equity release market could exceed £1 billion this year after the third quarter saw plan sales and lending rise by 11%.

Equity Release | 13 Nov 2012

Rich get 2,000% more in pensions tax breaks than poor

The well-off are receiving tax breaks on pension contributions worth on average 20 times those of ordinary workers, according to reports.

Pensions | 07 Nov 2012

Employers and workers clash over retirement

A potential gap looms between employee and employer expectations of when workers will retire, an Aegon report has warned.

Retirement | 24 Oct 2012

Families come first: a third of pensioners use equity release cash to help loved ones

Retirees are increasingly putting their families first as they seek equity release plans and personal loans to help out struggling family members, according to a recent report.

Equity Release | 06 Aug 2012

41% of over 45s would use property to fund care

Annuity provider Partnership, has found that almost 41% of consumers aged 45-85 say that they would need to fund long-term residential care by renting or selling their property.

Retirement | 01 Jun 2012

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