Estate Planning


Growing numbers will spend inheritance on living costs

A growing number of Britons expect money they bequeath will go towards the day-to-day living expenses of their heirs, research has found.

Estate Planning | 14 Apr 2014

Retirees risk losing 'a third of their income over night'

People reaching retirement can expect to see their incomes drop by at least a third, according to a new report.

Retirement | 05 Jun 2013

One in three unsure about financing later life

Around a third of Britons do not know how they will finance later life costs for themselves or a relative, according to new research.

Retirement | 20 May 2013

Queen's Speech: what do the changes mean for you?

We explain how today’s announcements on pensions and social care could affect you and your family.

Life Insurance | 08 May 2013

Crystal ball: 12 predictions for Budget 2013

A run-down of the possible measures to be announced this week.

Pensions | 15 Mar 2013

Faith in pensions in the balance

More changes to the tax relief on pensions could destroy public faith in saving for retirement.

Retirement | 04 Dec 2012

Rich get 2,000% more in pensions tax breaks than poor

The well-off are receiving tax breaks on pension contributions worth on average 20 times those of ordinary workers, according to reports.

Pensions | 07 Nov 2012

Employers and workers clash over retirement

A potential gap looms between employee and employer expectations of when workers will retire, an Aegon report has warned.

Retirement | 24 Oct 2012

IDS: coalition committed to flat-rate state pension

Iain Duncan Smith has confirmed plans for a flat-rate state pension are still going ahead.

Pensions | 09 Oct 2012
Houses for sale

House prices in ‘surprising’ August bump

House prices rose by 1.3% in August, the largest monthly increase since January 2010, according to data released by Nationwide.

Estate Planning | 31 Aug 2012

Lack of planning could lead to an unexpected 55% death tax on pension savings

A worrying level of people in retirement are not using their pension savings efficiently, says a report by Skandia.

Pensions | 30 Jul 2012

Millions who delay pension saving miss out on 'free money'

People who are will to pay into a pension but have not got around to signing up are collectively losing out on £2.5bn in income tax relief on contributions, analysis has found.

Pensions | 11 Jun 2012

Top Tips on planning your pension

Our handy tips for financing your retirement could make all the difference in your later years.

Retirement | 01 Jun 2012

Public sector employers risk failing to comply with AE

Public sector employers are running out of time to make sure they comply with incoming auto-enrolment legislation, experts warn.

Retirement | 01 Jun 2012

Default retirement age abolition in doubt

The Supreme Court has ruled employers may have powers to forcibly retire staff at 65 – putting in doubt the abolition of the default retirement age.

Retirement | 01 Jun 2012

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