Estate Planning


Majority of over-65s have made no plans for care costs

More than 90 per cent of over-65s have made no plans to pay for long-term care should they need it.

Retirement | 08 Oct 2014

The perils of emotional financial planning

Planning your financial future with your heart rather than your head can have a major impact on your long-term wealth.

Investments | 23 Sep 2014

BLOG: Taking the Sting out of disinheritance

Sting's announcement that he will not be passing his entire £180 million fortune to his children because he believes it would be an "albatross around their necks" has sparked a debate about inherited wealth.

Retirement | 29 Aug 2014

One in ten thinks government will pay for funeral

One in ten Brits wrongly believes that the government will pick up the tab for their funeral, a survey has found.

Income Tax | 17 Jul 2014

Half of women have never discussed financial implications of death

Women's main priority is the health, happiness and financial security of their children, but almost half have never discussed with their family the financial implications if were to die or be unable to work.

Estate Planning | 09 Jul 2014

Kids miss out as one in four over-50s chooses to SKI

SKI-ing (Spending the Kids's Inheritance) is becoming increasing popular, with around a quarter of parents planning to leave just a fraction of their estate – or none at all – to their children.

Inheritance Tax | 08 Jul 2014

Brits routinely fail to update wills following major life changes

Almost a third of British adults neglect to revise their will following major life events such as marriage and divorce.

Inheritance Tax | 08 Jul 2014

Growing numbers will spend inheritance on living costs

A growing number of Britons expect money they bequeath will go towards the day-to-day living expenses of their heirs, research has found.

Estate Planning | 14 Apr 2014

Retirees risk losing 'a third of their income over night'

People reaching retirement can expect to see their incomes drop by at least a third, according to a new report.

Retirement | 05 Jun 2013

One in three unsure about financing later life

Around a third of Britons do not know how they will finance later life costs for themselves or a relative, according to new research.

Retirement | 20 May 2013

Queen's Speech: what do the changes mean for you?

We explain how today’s announcements on pensions and social care could affect you and your family.

Life Insurance | 08 May 2013

Crystal ball: 12 predictions for Budget 2013

A run-down of the possible measures to be announced this week.

Pensions | 15 Mar 2013

Faith in pensions in the balance

More changes to the tax relief on pensions could destroy public faith in saving for retirement.

Retirement | 04 Dec 2012

Rich get 2,000% more in pensions tax breaks than poor

The well-off are receiving tax breaks on pension contributions worth on average 20 times those of ordinary workers, according to reports.

Pensions | 07 Nov 2012

Employers and workers clash over retirement

A potential gap looms between employee and employer expectations of when workers will retire, an Aegon report has warned.

Retirement | 24 Oct 2012

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