Income Tax


Expat tax threat could net govt £400m

Hundreds of thousands of expats who raise an income in the UK could lose their right to use the personal allowance.

Tax | 12 Aug 2014

One in ten thinks government will pay for funeral

One in ten Brits wrongly believes that the government will pick up the tab for their funeral, a survey has found.

Income Tax | 17 Jul 2014
HM Revenue and Customs

'Plebgate' MP invested in scheme HMRC says avoided tax

Former government chief whip Andrew Mitchell has invested in a high-profile film financing company considered to be a tax avoidance scheme by HMRC.

Income Tax | 17 Jul 2014

One in four employees fears an imminent job loss

More than one in four UK employees fear they will lose their job within the next six months, according Glassdoor’s UK Employment Confidence Survey.

Savings | 16 Jul 2014

Beckham among stars facing £520m bill over Ingenious tax schemes

Business executives and sport stars - among them David Beckham - have been warned they must pay HM Revenue and Customs more than £520m after a government crackdown on tax avoidance schemes.

Income Tax | 09 Jul 2014
HM Revenue and Customs

HMRC property raids jump 12% in bid to expose tax dodgers

Property searches by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to target tax evasion jumped by 12% to 500 in the last year, according to official data obtained by law firm Pinsent Masons.

Income Tax | 07 Jul 2014
George Osborne delivers budget in 2014

Tories plan to merge national insurance and income tax

The Conservatives are said to be planning to merge national insurance into income tax in a major shake-up of the current tax system.

Income Tax | 30 Jun 2014

Pensioners lose third of income to taxman

The average retired household pays out 30 per cent of its annual income in taxes, according to research.

Tax | 30 May 2014
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

Clegg to push for £12.5k income tax threshold at Budget

A higher threshold for income tax will be the Liberal Democrats' top priority at next month's Budget, deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg will say today.

Tax | 10 Feb 2014
Ed Balls

Labour: 50p income tax move 'not anti-business'

Ed Balls has dismissed claims that Labour's plan to reintroduce the 50p top rate of tax is part of an "anti-business agenda" and said the move would be temporary.

Income Tax | 27 Jan 2014
Elderly driver

Setting up a business in your 50s can 'keep you healthy'

Setting up a business in your 50s may keep you healthy in old age, according to cognitive neuroscientist, Dr Lynda Shaw.

Retirement | 21 Jan 2014

Clegg pushes for further hike to income tax threshold

Nick Clegg has said he is pushing his Tory coalition partners to agree to cut income tax bills by another £100.

Tax | 18 Nov 2013

BLOG: Cutting the financial impact of disability

It is never easy to deal with a serious injury in the family, but without taking the right steps the financial impact can make the situation worse, writes Richard Fraser of Frenkel Topping.

Retirement | 06 Nov 2013

Moving abroad: your essential guide

According to the Office for National Statistics, 400 Brits leave the UK every day to start a life on foreign shores, whether for work or retirement.

Savings | 30 Oct 2013

How to reduce your tax bill

Less tax should mean higher returns for you and your beneficiaries.

Tax | 25 Oct 2013

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