Income Tax

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

Clegg to push for £12.5k income tax threshold at Budget

A higher threshold for income tax will be the Liberal Democrats' top priority at next month's Budget, deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg will say today.

Tax | 10 Feb 2014
Ed Balls

Labour: 50p income tax move 'not anti-business'

Ed Balls has dismissed claims that Labour's plan to reintroduce the 50p top rate of tax is part of an "anti-business agenda" and said the move would be temporary.

Income Tax | 27 Jan 2014
Elderly driver

Setting up a business in your 50s can 'keep you healthy'

Setting up a business in your 50s may keep you healthy in old age, according to cognitive neuroscientist, Dr Lynda Shaw.

Retirement | 21 Jan 2014

Clegg pushes for further hike to income tax threshold

Nick Clegg has said he is pushing his Tory coalition partners to agree to cut income tax bills by another £100.

Tax | 18 Nov 2013

BLOG: Cutting the financial impact of disability

It is never easy to deal with a serious injury in the family, but without taking the right steps the financial impact can make the situation worse, writes Richard Fraser of Frenkel Topping.

Retirement | 06 Nov 2013

Moving abroad: your essential guide

According to the Office for National Statistics, 400 Brits leave the UK every day to start a life on foreign shores, whether for work or retirement.

Savings | 30 Oct 2013

How to reduce your tax bill

Less tax should mean higher returns for you and your beneficiaries.

Tax | 25 Oct 2013

Clegg pledges further hikes to income tax allowance

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has promised people earning minimum wage will pay no income tax should the Liberal Democrats stay in government.

Tax | 16 Sep 2013

University can boost women’s lifetime earnings by £250k

Female university students can expect to boost their lifetime earnings by £250,000, according to the Department for Education.

Savings | 15 Aug 2013
Concept image of yellow smiley face balls

Two thirds of Brits would work for less money in a more worthwhile job

Two thirds of Brits would be happy to work for less if they thought their job was worthwhile and helped others, a new report has revealed.

Savings | 12 Aug 2013
Cars in car park

Free parking: top tips for renting out your driveway

Renting out your unused parking space can boost your income. Follow our top tips for the best possible experience.

Savings | 06 Aug 2013

How to celebrate no longer working for the taxman...

To celebrate Tax Freedom Day, follow these essential steps and make sure your tax arrangements are in the best possible shape.

Tax | 30 May 2013

Brits work 150 days a year just to pay off the taxman

Workers become officially ‘tax free' on the 30 May this year, as the average taxpayer will spend 150 days of their salary working for the taxman.

Tax | 28 May 2013
Football penalty

Taxman targets football coaches

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has turned its attention to football coaches in its latest bid to collect unpaid taxes.

Tax | 17 May 2013

File tax returns by 1 May or face tougher fines, says HMRC

HM Revenue and Customs will charge a £10 daily penalty for each day an online return is late from 1 May, up to a maximum of 90 days.

Tax | 18 Apr 2013

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