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American Express offers up to double referral rewards

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

The firm is rewarding cardholders when they invite friends to take out an American Express credit card.

The ‘Invite a Friend’ referral programme, which starts today, will offer existing customers enhanced bonus points.

Under the referral programme, existing cardholders will receive at least a third extra in bonus rewards compared with the standard bonus offer.

The offer was launched for American Express Platinum and British Airways cardholders on 15 March, running until 7 June 2022. The dates are different for Amex Preferred Rewards Gold customers who have up until 19 July to recommend a friend.

Under the offer, an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card member will have their points doubled with at least 12,000 membership rewards for each eligible referral. This compares with the standard 6,000 membership rewards points.

The invited friend will receive at least 32,000 membership rewards points if they select the same card, compared to the standard 22,000 membership rewards points.

As part of the offer, the referred friend is free to choose from a wide range of American Express cards – meaning they can select a different card from the referring cardholder if they want to.

Available cards include American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card, American Express Platinum Cashback Credit Card and British Airways American Express Credit Card.

Amex said this new offer benefits both new and existing cardholders and provides them with flexibility to maximise their rewards in a way that best suits them – from Cashback to Avios or American Express membership rewards.

American Express membership rewards can be used when shopping online, booking travel or to cover any transaction made on your card. The points never expire.

How to refer a friend

Amex said the process of inviting a friend is quick and easy, and can be done via the cardholder’s Amex App or online portal.

The rewards bonus will be applied once the referred friend has been approved as a new cardholder, and they have met any specific spend criteria for their chosen card.

Cardholders can refer as many friends or family members as they wish, providing they remain within the annual limit for the rewards they can earn through referrals.

See the table below for a full list of the rewards points, cashback and Avios available as part of the referral scheme: