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Revolut customers can now see Amex spends in app

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Revolut has added American Express to its open banking feature, allowing customers to check their balance and transactions in the app.

Revolut customers can now connect their Amex accounts and bank accounts and see everything in one place, rather than going through Amex’s own online banking service or app.

Users will need to give permission to present their transactions from a bank account within the Revolut app via that bank’s API (Application Program Interface).

Customers can also set budgeting controls for the Amex accounts, helping them take greater control over their spending.

The digital bank said switching between different apps is inconvenient, especially when many people have multiple accounts and with open banking, checking finances is quick and easy. It is looking to add more banks and credit cards to its open banking feature in the near future.

Revolut launched in 2015 with a prepaid currency card for travellers but has since branched into other areas including money transfer, stock trading and savings. It is one of the highest valued fintech firms in the world with over 12 million customers globally.