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10 ways to cut your energy bills

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Struggling to keep up with the cost of bills? You are not alone. Switching company MoneyExpert highlights the 10 most common ways that Brits reduce their utility costs.

As snow descends on parts of the UK and the cold snap bites, MoneyExpert’s research shows that 28% of people across the nation live in cold conditions because they cannot afford to heat their homes.

MoneyExpert found the highest percentage of people who struggle to pay their heating bills live in London, where 34% of respondents could not afford to adequately heat their homes.

They were followed by people in the South West and North East, at 33% apiece.

Respondents also listed their most common methods for keeping utility bills down. Turning down the thermostat and washing clothes at a lower temperature claimed joint-first position with 48% of the sample citing them, followed by unplugging devices when they are not in use at 47%.

Here are the 10 most common ways to reduce utility costs:

Method of reducing utility cost (%)
Wash clothes at a lower temperature 48%
Turn down your thermostat 48%
Unplugging devices when not in use 47%
Turn off standby appliances 45%
Buy efficient appliances 40%
Washing dishes in a full sink instead of under a running tap 36%
Invest in double glazing 35%
Draught-proof your property 32%
Insulate the roof 31%
Taking shorter showers 27%

Source: MoneyExpert

What energy price cap?

Electricity was cited as the most expensive utility bill each month, while council tax was highlighted by 44% of respondents as the biggest expense of the month.

While the energy price cap came into force in January, there appears to be a significant lack of awareness about it in the South East and the East Midlands. Around 47% of respondents from both regions said they hadn’t heard about it.

However, on the positive side, those who had switched energy provider said they had saved an average of £301.