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Air fryer searches rise 3,000% as cost-of-living crisis heats up

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

Air fryers have risen in popularity by more than 3,000% in the last year, as people look to cut their energy costs.

The cookers, which are on average cheaper to run than standard electric and gas ovens, have soared in popularity since 2021.

The number of people comparing the cost of air fryers rose by an average of 2,697% in the last year, according to the price comparison website Price Runner, which compiled the data.

As the cost-of-living crisis gets worse, many people are looking for ways to cut costs.

Inflation rose to 10.1% in September and energy bills are expected to soar to £3,700 on average in April, when the Energy Price Guarantee scheme ends.

Grocery price inflation also hit a record high of 14.7% compared to a year ago, the highest level seen since 2008.

Energy prices are still significantly higher than they were a year ago, because of rising wholesale prices, but by cutting energy consumption, it is possible to reduce the amount your energy bill will be.

Searches for the Ninja AF400 fryer rise 22,000%

The most popular air fryer on the website in the last 12 months was the Ninja AF400UK air fryer and searches for it increased by 22,599%. It costs around £230.

Second in the list is another air fryer by Ninja, the AF300UK, which costs around £200. Searches for this model rose by 1853.61% in the last year.

The third-most popular model was the Tower T17038, with prices ranging from £89.00 to £217.12.

In the list of the most searched-for items in the last 12 months, a number of other money-saving devices also appeared.

The numbers of people using the site to compare plumbing products rose 970%, solar panels 575%, and slow cookers by 548%.

Air fryers are seven times cheaper to use than electric ovens

As air fryers use a fan to distribute heat, they cook food at a quicker speed than conventional ovens.

Cooking a meal in an air fryer is around seven times cheaper than using an electric fan oven, according to data from Forbes Advisor.

Separate research from Utilita put the cost of using an air fryer at £52.74 per year compared to £316.54 for an electric cooker, £264.03 for a dual cooker, £120.83 for a gas cooker, £59.76 for a slow cooker, and £30.02 for a microwave.

As air fryers have become so popular, they have sold out on many websites. However, prices range from around £40 for the cheapest models to £300 for the most expensive. There are also lots on second-hand websites, such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

‘Rising energy costs at the front of people’s minds’

Evelina Galli, consumer expert at Price Runner UK, said: “Air fryers, as we know, are massively popular right now and our data backs this up, with the most popular models on our website seeing significant increases since this summer alone – up 7,000% on some models.

“With rising energy costs at the front of people’s minds, clicks for energy reducing products such as solar panels are up 575% annually and slow cookers which, of course, use less energy than ovens are up nearly 550%.

“You can still get hold of all of these products if you shop around, so we’d recommend consumers use price comparison websites like ours to track down availability and to get the best price.”