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Big Tesco Clubcard changes on the way – what it means for you

John Fitzsimons
Written By:
John Fitzsimons

Tesco is making a raft of changes to its Clubcard loyalty scheme in the weeks ahead which could dent the returns you enjoy from spending with the supermarket giant.

The Clubcard loyalty scheme is one of the most popular in the UK, with millions of members across the country.

However, a host of changes are taking place to the scheme in the coming months which will impact how rewarding Clubcard is for members, potentially making it tougher for shoppers to maximise returns on their spending.

Here’s what changing, and what you need to do today to minimise the impact.

Closing the Clubcard app

If you don’t fancy carrying a physical Clubcard around in your wallet or purse, then you can instead rely on scanning the Clubcard app at the till in order to gain points on your shopping at Tesco.

However, the app is being closed from 18th April. This comes after the Tesco Pay+ app, which allowed users to store card details and pay with the app, was closed in February.

There is a single replacement app though, called Clubcard and Grocery. This new app is free, and can be used to pay for your shopping, to scan for Clubcard points, and to monitor and spend your points.

Reduced Clubcard value when exchanging with third parties

Shoppers can use their Clubcard points to reduce the cost of their spending within Tesco, with 150 points worth a £1.50 voucher.

However, you can get better value by exchanging those points to use with partner retailers. Currently, you can get up to three times the value of your Clubcard points with partners like the RAC, Thorpe Park, Pizza Express and English Heritage.

This is changing from 14th June, when the maximum value will instead drop to double their face value with these Clubcard partners

If you exchange your points for a voucher with one of these partners, you will however have 12 months in order to use it, rather than the usual six months.

Reduced Clubcard points for fuel

Currently you get one Clubcard point for every £2 spent on fuel at Tesco. However, this is changing on 14th June too.

From this date, the Clubcard return will change to one point for every two litres of fuel you put into your vehicle. Given the current price of petrol and diesel, that will mean spending more to secure the level of rewards you’d get today.

As a result, if you are a Clubcard member and want to maximise returns, it makes sense to fill up before 14th June.

Tesco deliveries

While Tesco is making significant changes to the Clubcard scheme, there are other adjustments to be aware of when shopping with Tesco generally.

For example, if you get your food shopping delivered from Tesco then you may need to start spending more. From 2nd May, the minimum order value will be moving from £40 to £50.

There is a charge for shoppers who check out with baskets below this level, which is also increasing from £4 to £5. 

Given the rocketing rate of food price inflation, many of us are spending more on our food shopping anyway, but this move will mean that some shoppers are forced to up their spending in order to avoid the higher charge for failing to meet the minimum order size.