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Did your mobile or broadband company get the most complaints?

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

The telecoms regulator has unveiled complaints data for the third quarter of 2016, showing that gripes rose from the previous three-month period.

An Ofcom report revealed the total volume of complaints increased for fixed line and broadband services, while grievances about pay-monthly mobile services fell and gripes about pay TV remained stable.

The regulator said that broadband and fixed line services continue to generate the highest number of complaints and it receives the fewest grumbles about pay-as-you-go mobile services and pay TV.

Looking at complaints per 100,000 customers, here are the figures:


Plusnet (a brand owned by BT Group) had the highest volume of complaints per 100,000 customers with the main issues relating to faults and service, followed by complaint handling and issues about billing, pricing and charges.

EE (also a brand owned by BT Group), Post Office HomePhone, BT, and TalkTalk also generated complaints above the industry average. Sky generated the fewest complaints.

Plusnet – 24
EE – 20
Post Office – 20
BT – 19
TalkTalk – 16
Virgin Media – 10
Sky – 6


BT had the highest complaint volumes with the main issues relating to faults, service and provision issues, followed by complaints handling and issues with billing, pricing, and charges. Plusnet and EE also had above industry average complaints, according to Ofcom. Sky again had the lowest relative complaint volumes compared to the other fixed broadband providers.

BT – 36
Plusnet – 30
EE – 26
TalkTalk – 19
Virgin Media – 11
Sky – 7


Vodafone received the highest complaints this quarter, with most customers complaining about billing, pricing and charges, followed by complaints handling and faults. Complaint levels for Talk Mobile and Virgin Mobile were above the industry average, while Tesco Mobile generated the lowest number of gripes.

Vodafone – 18
Talk Mobile – 8
Virgin Mobile – 8
TalkTalk – 6
EE – 5
O2 – 3
Three – 3
Tesco – 1

Pay TV

BT was again in the firing line as it generated the highest number of complaints relating to faults, service issues as well as billing, pricing, charges and the way it handled complaints. Virgin and TalkTalk had higher than the industry average while Sky again generated the lowest volume of complaints per 100,000 customers.

BT – 19
Virgin Media – 7
TalkTalk – 6
Sky – 1