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Easyjet extends refund voucher expiry date

Emma Lunn
Written By:
Emma Lunn

The budget airline has given passengers longer to use refund vouchers for flights disrupted by coronavirus.

Easyjet credit vouchers due to expire on or before 30 June 2021 have been extended by six months.

The vouchers had been due to expire a year after being issued but continued uncertainty around international travel means the deadline has been extended.

The expiry date on the voucher is the date flights must be booked by – the actual flight can be at a later date.

Easyjet currently has flights available to book until 30 September 2022. These include flights departing during March and April 2021, despite lockdown restrictions meaning most international travel is illegal. Brits breaking stay at home rules could be fined between £200 and £6,400.

Easyjet customers holding vouchers don’t need to take any action regarding the extension – the airline is in the process of contacting affected passengers.

Vouchers expiring after 30 June 2021 will continue to be redeemable for up to a year as was the case when they were issued.

Easyjet has previously come under attack for refusing to refund unused vouchers for flights cancelled during the pandemic. Some passengers willingly accepted vouchers in place of cash but others claim they weren’t told they were entitled to cash refunds, or that they were misled into accepting vouchers they didn’t want.

Under EU Regulation 261, when flights are cancelled by an EU airline or by an airline flying from an EU airport, passengers are entitled to a cash refund within seven days of the cancellation.

However, customers have the choice to accept a voucher for a future booking instead.

Vouchers also tend to be issued where consumers can’t travel due to lockdown restrictions but the flight still goes ahead.