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Energy firm Evolve absorbed into British Gas brand

Shekina Tuahene
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Shekina Tuahene

Energy provider and subsidiary of British Gas, Evolve, has rebranded to its parent company name a year after its launch.


The company said the name change was down to its customers identifying with the British Gas brand more. 

The rebrand took place on 26 November. British Gas insisted nothing would change for its consumers except for the company name on direct debit transaction statements. 

A British Gas spokesperson said: Our customers have told us they connect more with the British Gas brand. Now more than ever they want to know that their energy company is responsible and sustainable.  

“This reflects that they value the strength and stability of our business and our 200-year history of putting customers at heart what we do.” 

Evolve amassed 250,000 customers since its launch in October last year as a low cost, digital offering, initially providing 100 per cent renewable energy to customers. 

Some 50,000 of the customers on its books were acquired from Simplicity Energy in January, after the supplier ceased trading earlier this year.