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Five ways to save money on your heating bills

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

With the weather feeling markedly colder, now is a good time to start preparing your home for winter. You may even save some money on bills…

  1. Avoid boiler issues. Not having hot water and heating is annoying anytime of the year, but during the winter it can be disastrous. Defective boilers are the main cause so to avoid running the risk of a broken down boiler, get a service and gas safety check booked in now so you know that your central heating system is working and is safe.
  2. Keep your pipes warm. In the run up to winter, make sure your pipes and water tanks are well insulated with good quality lagging. This will prevent your pipes from freezing as well as save you money by keeping your hot water system warmer for longer.
  3. Stay insulated. Did you know that a quarter of the heat in your house is lost through the roof? Before winter creeps up on us, ensure you have good quality insulation in your loft and walls so the heat you’re paying for actually stays inside the house. Although it sounds like a pricey affair, thanks to government schemes it doesn’t have to cost the world.
  4. Draught proof your home. With the weather getting colder, now is the time to block up unwanted gaps that let the cold air in and the warm air out. Good places to check for draughts are around the edges of your window frames, the gaps under your doors, and around your letterbox. It’s easy to do yourself and you’ll save on your energy bills as you comfortably turn down the thermostat by a couple of degrees.
  5. Bleed your radiators. It sounds like a daunting task, but it’s much simpler than you think and will make sure your home stays warm. You’ll know if your radiators need bleeding if they are cold at the top, but warm at the bottom. To bleed a radiator, turn off your heating and get a bleed key and a cloth ready. Turn the valve at the top of your radiator anti-clockwise until your hear a hissing noise – don’t panic though the noise is only air. Catch any water that drips with your cloth and once the water starts to flow, tighten the valve back up. Easy!

Matt Clemow is CEO of Igloo Energy