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Four tips for holidaymakers going to Greece

Joanna Faith
Written By:
Joanna Faith

While eurozone leaders have reached an agreement over a third Greek bailout, it may take a while for normality to return.

Holiday makers heading there are urged to take extra steps to protect themselves and their cash.

Here are four top tips from MoneySuperMarket:

  • Take enough cash in euros to last the entire holiday. Banks have been closed and cash points running low for a while, so getting cash may still be a struggle.
  • Check the small print on your travel insurance policy to make sure you are covered for the right amount of cash; understand the cash limit and excess you will need to pay on personal money. Some insurers may increase the current limits for a fee, or may have a change of policy for a short term period to reflect current climate.
  • Those travelling independently by booking their own flights and accommodation should ensure they have a policy with cover for “end supplier failure”, for example, if your hotelier goes out of business.
  • You should also look out for cover to protect yourself from any knock-on effects of possible strike action, in case things such as public transport, ferries and airports are affected.