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Funeral costs soar over the past year

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Funeral costs have soared over the past year leaving many bereaved families at risk of falling into debt.

Many people are in danger of leaving a legacy of debt because they have not planned for soaring funeral costs, according to the OneFamily 2015 Funeral Costs Tracker.

It revealed that in the UK between 2014 and 2015 the average price of a cremation rose by a huge 10% from £3,239 to £3,572, while the price of a burial rose by 4%.

This means that since 2012, the cost of cremation has risen by 22%, up from £2,896 in the last three years.

Although both were an improvement on last year’s statistics, where burials rose by 9% and cremations by 12%, the cost of putting loved ones to rest is still rapidly increasing.

The report revealed that the difference between the average price of burials in London compared to Northern Ireland is a staggering £3,435.

The lowest cost was found in Tyrone, Northern Ireland at £2,510 and the highest was in Greater London at £8,250.

Fees for both administration and professional guidance were the most expensive part of burials, costing on average of £2,050 (including hearse collection and care of the body).

The administration and professional fees that make up the highest cost for cremations is similar to burials at £2,069 on average, while death and funeral notices on average cost £93.

You can check to see what the average cost of a funeral in your area costs using the OneFamily Calculator (scroll down the page to view).

What if I can’t afford the funeral costs?

Those on a low income who need help to cover the costs could be eligible for a Funeral Payment from the government. The amount you’ll get depends on your circumstances and if you qualify, such as if you receive certain benefits and tax credits, your relationship with the deceased and that you claim in time.