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Galaxy chocolate no longer out of this world as bar size shrinks but price stays the same

Emma Lunn
Written By:
Emma Lunn

Galaxy chocolate bars are now 100g, down from 110g, but chocolate fans have not seen a corresponding decrease in price.

Mars Inc, which makes the Galaxy brand, have admitted to shrinking the chocolate bar. The product change is the latest case of “shrinkflation” – where the size or quantity of a product reduces while the price remains the same or increases.

Last October, the recommended retail price for a bar of Galaxy chocolate was raised from £1.39 to £1.50. But the size had remained the same until last month when it was reduced to 100g.

A spokesperson for Mars said: “We have been actively trying to find ways to absorb the rising costs of raw materials and operations, as we know the increase in the cost of living has impacted both consumers and businesses. Unfortunately, the growing pressures mean that more needs to be done.”

‘Shrinkflation’ epidemic

A study by Barclays in June found that around two-thirds of shoppers have noticed certain products being sold in smaller packages or portion sizes, though the price had not fallen.

Chocolate and crisps were pinpointed as the products most commonly subject to shrinkflation, by 50% and 40% respectively.

Meanwhile, Which? has found dozens of examples of grocery and household essentials that have become smaller in size but remained at the same price, or even become more expensive.

Examples highlighted by Which? members include Lurpak’s salted, unsalted and lighter butter, down from 250g to 200g; Whiskas cat food pouches, down from 100g to 85g; and Penguin and Club biscuit multipacks: down from eight bars to seven.

Shrinkflation is legal but supermarkets and manufacturers must state prices and quantities on product packaging.