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How to get 10% off petrol and diesel

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

As fuel prices continue to reach record highs, there is a way for drivers to save 10% on the cost of filling up.

Food, energy and fuel costs are all rising, with the latest data from Barclaycard showing that spending on essential items rose 12% in February, largely driven by an 11.2% rise in spend on fuel.

It’s no wonder as the average price of unleaded stands at 165.89p per litre while for diesel, drivers are shelling out 176.76p litre on average, according to the latest fuel watch data from The RAC.

But some drivers could save 10% on the cost of filling up their tanks. It’s all to do with retailer cashback deals offered by banks.

Santander customers

Santander’s ‘retailer offers’ allows customers to earn up to 15% cashback from a variety of outlets. Once you switch on ‘retailer offers’ in online or mobile banking, you’ll be able to choose the offers and earn cashback when using your Santander debit or credit card.

Currently, it’s running a 10% cashback deal when you spend at Esso. The maximum amount of cashback is capped at £7 and the offer expires on 25 March (though this date may vary per customer). It can only be used once.

It’s also only available for mobile payments made using the Esso app, so you’ll need to download that and set up payment details to get the deal. It allows you to pay from your car. Plus customers can also collect Nectar points.

Santander adds that retail offers may vary from customer to customer, based on historical Santander debit and/or credit spends.

So, it’s best to check before making a special trip, and it’s also worth seeing whether other petrol stations are cheaper even without the cashback.

If you’re new to retail offers, here’s how to get them:

In mobile banking…

  • click ‘More’ in the bottom-right corner
  • choose ‘Retailer Offers’
  • follow the on-screen instructions.

In online banking…

  • choose ‘Account services’ in the top-right of the page
  • find the ‘My Offers – retailer offers’ section and press ‘click here’
  • follow the on-screen instructions.

The cashback will be paid into your chosen Santander account at the end of the following month, unless specified differently in the offer terms.

Lloyds Banking Group customers

Lloyds Bank, including Halifax and Bank of Scotland, runs ‘Everyday Offers’ giving current account customers up to 15% cashback when shopping at selected retailers using your debit or credit card.

It can be activated via online banking or the mobile app (iOS or Google Play). For app customers, log in and under ‘Earn cashback while you shop’, select ‘Find out more’. For online customers, you’ll need to log on to activate.

Lloyds is also running the 10% Esso cashback offer but it gave an expiry date of 22 March 2022. It has a maximum £7 cashback limit and again, is valid for one time only.

The payment will also need to be made through the Esso mobile app. Lloyds confirms that Everyday Offers are personalised, based on retailers customers shop with, so there will be some variation in the deals available.

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